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Animal Health and Emergency Services
Eastern Equine Encephalitis

2009 Breakdown of Cases

There have been 9 equine cases from Chesapeake (3), Suffolk (3), New Kent (1), Prince George (1), and Southampton (1).

Last updated October 20, 2009.

Onset Date
Submission Date
3-Jul-09 6-Jul-09 Equine Draft F 2y Chesapeake
  24-Jul-09 Caprine Nubian F 7y Chesapeake
27-Jul-09 28-Jul-09 Equine Min Horse F 3y Suffolk
25-Jul-09 31-Jul-09 Emu       Chesapeake
29-Jul-09 31-Jul-09 Equine TWH F 7y Chesapeake
24-Jul 31-Jul-09 Equine Clydesdale M 2y Suffolk
3-Aug-09 3-Aug-09 Fairy Bluebird   F 11y Norfolk
31-Jul-09 4-Aug-09 Equine Pony F 5y Chesapeake
4-Aug-09 6-Aug-09 Equine Min Horse M 3y Prince George
24-Jul-09 25-Jul-09 Alpaca   F 11y Surry
1-Aug-09 4-Aug-09 Equine Min Horse F 7y Southampton
7-Sept-09 7-Sept-09 Equine   M 7y New Kent
29-Sept-09 29-Sept-09 Equine   F 2y Suffolk
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