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Virginia Animal ID Program - Swine

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Virginia Animal ID Program
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Most swine in Virginia are part of integrated commercial production systems and use identification requirements widely adopted by the pork industry. More information on these programs is available at the following sites:

National Pork Board PIN Tag Program
National Pork Board Swine ID Plan

For independent swine producers, official ID tags or breed registry tattoos and Certificates of Veterinary inspection are generally required for animals moving across state lines that are not going direct to slaughter. Producers should check with the state of destination for specific animal entry requirements. Official 840-series swine tags are available from online vendors and VDACS can provide official metal swine tags at no cost to producers.

For swine producers moving animals to North Carolina, you should be aware that NC has a new identification requirement for all swine being transported on public roads. More information can be found at this NC Cooperative Extension site.

NC Swine Import Requirements
PA Swine Import Requirements
TN Swine Import Requirements
OH Swine Import Requirements
IN Swine Import Requirements

For more information, please contact:
Richard Odom, Program Manager
VDACS Virginia Animal Identification Program
102 Governor Street, Richmond, VA 23219

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