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Dangerous Dog Registry

The Dangerous Dog Registration process has changed. Dangerous dog owners no longer need to send any fees to VDACS for initial or renewal registrations. All fees should now be paid to your county or city animal control officer or treasurer as they direct you. Owners will receive a renewal reminder from VDACS shortly with updated renewal forms; please contact your local animal control officer for information about your local renewal process.

The Dangerous Dog Registry provides a mechanism for consumers to determine if dangerous dogs reside in their neighborhoods and for local animal control officials to post information about dogs that have been declared dangerous by the local court. Consumer may click here for a registry of dangerous dogs. Jurisdictions should click here to enter information about dangerous dogs; this page requires a password to enter.

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Virginia Dangerous Dog Registry Legislation and Regulation:
3.2-6540 Control of Dangerous Dogs; Penalties
3.2-6542 Establishment of Dangerous Dog Registry
2 VAC 5-620 Rules and Regulations Pertaining to the Establishment of the Dangerous Dog Registry
3.2-6541.1 Vicious Dogs; Penalties

Dangerous Dog Registration Form
Dangerous Dog Renewal Form
Dangerous Dog Secondary Owner Information Form

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