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Rules and Regulations Governing the Production, Processing and Sale of Ice Cream, Frozen Desserts and Similar Products (2 VAC 5-510)

Wholesale manufacturers of ice cream, frozen desserts, and similar products are permitted and inspected by the Office of Dairy Services. Each plant is inspected at least once every three months and samples of finished products are collected at least four times in any six month period. Inspections focus on facilities and equipment requirements, cleaning and sanitizing, labeling, cooling, handling, and storage. Frozen dessert samples are tested for number of bacteria, coliform organisms (a measure of product handling practices), phosphatase (a test to determine if adequate pasteurization has occurred), and fat and solids (to determine compliance with minimum or maximum levels of each set by regulation). The regulation requires that all ice cream and frozen dessert mixes be pasteurized prior to freezing, packaging, and sale. Pasteurization is an important public safety process to ensure that ice cream and frozen desserts are safe and wholesome.

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