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Rules and Regulations Governing the Cooling and/or Storage of Milk on Dairy Farms; the Sampling and Sample Handling of Milk from the Farm to the Laboratory; the Hauling, Transferring, Handling and Delivery of Milk from the Farm to the Processing Plant (2 VAC 5-500)

Dairy Services issues permits to and evaluates milk haulers. Milk haulers weigh, measure, sample, and deliver milk from dairy farms to milk plants for processing. Dairy producers are paid for their milk based on the amount of milk shipped from their farm milk tank and results of laboratory tests for fat, solids, and protein run on milk samples from their farm tank taken by the milk hauler. The need to accurately measure milk in farm tanks, collect representative milk samples, and properly transfer and transport milk from the farm to the milk processing plant makes milk haulers a critical link between the dairy producer selling milk and the dairy processor purchasing the milk.

The regulation requires that tank trucks in which milk is transported be registered with the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, meet minimum construction requirements, and be inspected for cleaning and good repair.

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