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State Fair Diary
SEPT 23-OCT 3, 2010

State Fair of Virginia

4-H Virginia

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hello Virginia schools! My name is Caroline Lohr and I am so excited to share a daily diary with you on just a little of what goes on here at our farm in Rockingham County. I am in the fourth grade and I love living on a farm that has been in my Dad’s family for over 100 years! That means we are a “Century Farm” in Virginia and it’s very special to all of us!

The best part of living on a farm is having different kinds of animals. We have farm animals like chickens, cattle, horses, plus a bulldog and one cat. And there were the lambs I raised for my 4-H project. Next year I want to raise two more lambs and maybe a market hog. When he’s a little older, my brother Carson probably will do 4-H livestock project, too.

Right now it’s the end of September, and here’s what is happening on our farm. The pumpkins are  nearly grown and my grandparents’ pumpkin patch is open. We have a corn maze, and you can answer questions about presidential history to find your way out of it. It’s a challenge, but it’s so fun to try to remember where you have been and how to get out!!

Photo of playing in the tube.We also have a playland and people can take a hayride. It’s funny that some people have never ridden on a farm wagon before they come to our farm, but that is truly one of the biggest hits of the play area. We also have these fun tumble tubes that you get in and roll down the hill. I especially enjoy rolling Carson down the hill. What can I say? It’s my sisterly love!

People come mostly on the weekends to pick their pumpkins, but sometimes school groups come during the week. I have chores to do when the pumpkin patch is open. I will help pick all kinds of small gourds and fill the different baskets around the building we sell out of. I am also running a lemonade stand with my cousin Elise! It’s a fun project and a nice glass of cold lemonade is needed as hot as it’s been.  Of course I still have to do my homework, set the table and clean my room even when I have these other things to do. I enjoy feeding my Papaw’s horses each morning and the other animals I have. I will tell you more about those on a later date! Thanks for reading my entry today. I look forward to sharing more in the days to come. Take care!

Photo of bunny FooFoo.Friday, September 24, 2010

Well, the Virginia State Fair is up and running and I think that is so neat! I am excited because my dad, my mom and Carson and I will be there in one week from today! We will be going next Friday late afternoon and evening to ride rides and look at all the animals!

I am glad it’s Friday! I really love 4th grade, but I always look forward to the weekends because there is so much going on here on the farm during this time of the year. Tonight I am having two friends over for a sleepover! This morning I did my daily routine: feed Kinsi our bulldog, the cats, the horses and make sure my bunny rabbit Foo Foo has enough food and water for the day. I used some of the money I got for my lamb project and bought a white dwarf rabbit. It won’t get much bigger. I named her Foo Foo for Little Bunny Foo Foo. She stays in a large cage and we love on her every morning and every afternoon when I get home from school. She is sweet and likes to be held. Rabbits are fun, but boy are they messy, too! It takes work to keep her cage clean. I try to clean it out a couple times a week. Sometimes my mom has to remind me. Foo Foo really likes to eat shredded carrots. That is her special treat, like my special treat is chocolate chip cookies mom makes. Yum!!!

I hope you have a good weekend. Thanks for reading the entry today! My dad says it’s supposed to be pretty weather this weekend, so I hope you get to be outside and enjoy it! Bye!

Saturday and Sunday, September 25-26, 2010

Because I know we will be so busy with my grandparents’ pumpkin patch on Saturday and Sunday, I am writing these entries a little early. We know that many times people are waiting to come by 9 am so they can enjoy the cooler morning weather!

Usually on the weekends the day goes something like this: I try to get there a little early to help open our building we sell out of and do whatever I can to help my Papaw and Codi (my mom’s parents) and my Pappie and Nannie (my dad’s parents). People will come and walk through the pumpkin patch for hours looking at all the different kinds and trying to find their perfect pumpkin. I think that is really neat. A lot of people think I don’t like pumpkins because I am around them all the time, but it’s the opposite. I do like walking through the patch and I always find one that’s so pretty or different so I bring it to Mom to use in her fall decorations here in the yard.

People will also come to play and go through the corn maze. My grandparents did a presidential theme this year. So, it’s pretty cool to try to see how much you know about presidents! It takes at least 45 minutes to one hour to get through it! Whew…We did it the other day and I was tired at the end. It’s an all day event each Saturday and then the patch is open during the afternoons on Sunday too. So, by the end of the weekend, everyone is pretty tired! But, we get to spend a lot of time together as a family which is very special. I hope you have a great weekend. Thanks and I’ll talk to you next week!

Photo of pumpkin decorations.Monday, September 27, 2010

Good morning Virginia! It's raining here in the Shenandoah Valley and my mom and I think the grass is already greener. It's been almost a whole month with no rain, so we welcome the rain with a smile on our face! I hope you had a good weekend. We did!

It was nice yesterday at the pumpkin patch because it finally felt like fall. This morning I went out and fed Foo Foo and when I came in I began singing "It's beginning to look a lot like Fall!" And I also told her it had a smell of fall, too. The leaves fell off with the rain and were on our sidewalk. I love the trees as they change colors.

Well, have a great Monday. Enjoy the cooler weather. You might even need a little jacket like Carson and I did this morning. Take care, Caroline

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hi everybody! It rained a nice, soft rain yesterday and I heard it rain again last night! I hope you got some rain where you live!

I think it's cool that we just learned the five regions of Virginia in my social studies class! Have you learned that yet in 4th grade? It's cool because I learned that many regions in Virginia have farming as their industry and it was neat to see all the different crops in different parts of Virginia! In our class we had to make a 3-D map of the regions! It was fun because I got to be creative and use clay and candy! It turned out very cool!

We worked on Saturday and decorated our yard with a fall display. It looks cool! We chose one big round orange pumpkin and it is so pretty sitting in the birdbath with garland around it! My mom loves to make the yard look pretty! And our apple tree in the backyard is full of apples now. They are yummy and my Nannie says it's her favorite kind of apple! We are giving them away so they are not wasted. My brother loves apple pie!

Well I better get ready for school! Have a great day and enjoy the cooler weather today. See ya!

Photo of map project.Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hello! Well this morning was a bit crazy because my grandparents "Codie" and "Papaw" have their first field trip coming to the farm and pumpkin patch! They were excited but also a little nervous! The young kids who come like to be on a farm because a lot of kids don't really know what that is like. I think it's cute when they ask questions and some of them are pretty funny. Once my daddy asked "How long does it take a pumpkin to grow?" One little kindergartener said "2 days!" I thought that was cute! It actually takes 100 days for pumpkins to grow from the time we plant them until they are ready to cut! I think the kids favorite part of coming is the hayride. They like getting on the wagon and singing songs while they go out to the pumpkin patch! It's a long month but it's neat because these kids get to see a real farm and learn about it!

I have included a picture of my project I talked about yesterday! I am getting excited about the state fair later this week! I heard it's so big and I want to see the gigantic pumpkins some people have raised!
Have a great day in school! See ya tomorrow!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

I cannot believe it is the last day of September! Where did the month go? We got our midterms for our grading period yesterday and my mom and I were talking about how fast the time seems to go. I am about to go to school in a lot of rain this morning. Our farm house has a tin roof so we can hear the rain pouring down. I like that sound when it’s time to sleep and it was hard to get out of bed this morning!

We are supposed to get a lot of rain today and it might even flood in some places! It’s so crazy to think we almost had a whole month with no rain, and now we have plenty! Our pumpkin patch is probably liking the rain and cooler weather, but pumpkins shouldn’t sit in water, so hopefully that won’t happen!

We will leave tomorrow to go to Richmond after school and head to the State Fair. I am so excited and Carson and I are looking forward to seeing all they have there. I hear there are a lot of animals too, so we will be sure to look at those. We are very excited about the food. State fair food is the BEST! My favorite is cotton candy and funnel cake! I know my mom and dad say it’s not very healthy, but it’s a special treat that we don’t have except when we go to the Fair! I am going to try to get a picture while we are there and we will post it for you!

The rain pretty much keeps the farmers in for the day, especially a day like this! The animals were all fed but after that, everyone is pretty much in for the day. My Pappie and Nannie have to walk in the chicken house every morning to make sure everything is okay. I know that is a lot of work but they do such a great job raising chickens! I have learned a lot from them and they are the best! I like the chickens when they come and they are little. They are so cute and fuzzy! Now they are bigger.

Well, that’s it for the day. I hope you stay dry out there. Take care!

Photo of pumpkins.Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy October to you! I hope you are doing well today and I am sure you are glad it’s Friday! Do you have many plans for the weekend? At least it stopped raining and now it’s supposed to be a perfect fall weekend. We are leaving this afternoon to go to Richmond and we are excited! We dressed in layers because it is supposed to get cooler as the day goes on and by evening time, it will be chilly out there. I am not sure if Carson will ride many rides, but I enjoy riding a few with my dad. He and I are the adventurous ones that “have no fear!”

As I walked out this morning to feed Foo Foo I noticed the ground is so wet and soggy! I hope the kids wear their rain boots to the pumpkin patch because it will be plenty wet today! The kids didn’t get to come yesterday so they will be here today.I have a Social Studies test today on rivers in Virginia. I hope I do well because I studied hard! I love school but it’s a lot of work too! My teachers are very nice and they make learning fun! I am pretty lucky to have such a wonderful school like Lacey Spring Elementary!

Our pumpkins look good today! As I was outside this morning I noticed it’s muddy but they look so pretty since they were washed off by the rain! My favorite kind is the “snake gourd.” It’s a long green gourd that looks just like a snake! I found one last year that looked like the letter “C” for Caroline and Carson. We are looking for another one this year. The gourds are funny because they are so bumpy and colorful! Some of them are crazy looking and people cannot believe we grew them! I think that is my favorite thing about pumpkins – every one of them is so different. The colors, shapes and sizes are so cool. I like to walk around and find the coolest ones in the patch and bring them up to sell at the building. It’s a fun activity!

Have a great weekend and be sure to spend time outside! See ya tomorrow!

Saturday and Sunday, October 2-3, 2010

Hello from Richmond! It’s a little different to wake up in the city of Richmond and look out than it is to get up at our house on the farm! I can’t believe how many cars are already moving around this morning. I had to ask my grandparents to feed Kensi and keep an eye on her and our kitty Lilly and Foo Foo. It’s fun to have animals, but when we are gone, we have to make sure they are taken care of! We had such an awesome time at the fair! We got our cotton candy and funnel cake (we had to share – boo hoo) and I even got to ride a few rides with Dad. I could not believe my eyes when I saw the big pumpkins! They were so cool. And, Carson really liked the animals! It was a fun night and there were so many people there! I am so glad we got to go and see it!

Today we are all going to Kings Dominion. We usually try to go as a family at least once a year and since we were already in Richmond and the weather is so pretty today (a nice fall day), we decided that would be a great family outing. I am excited for more rides and Carson is excited for the Scooby Doo ride! We will then stay in Richmond tonight and head back to the Shenandoah Valley on Sunday so we can play and have fun at the Pumpkin Patch. We will probably be out there helping some just for fun and hanging out with everyone! We also like to watch college and pro football in our house too. My mom went to the University of Kentucky and daddy went to Tech, so they like to give each other a hard time! So, we will probably watch some football this weekend too. I like to watch Tech play. We will also play some kickball too! I am usually on Dad’s team and we win (don’t tell Carson that!).

Have a great weekend and enjoy being with the people around you. Take Care and Go Hokies!

Photo of Carolin petting baby pigs.Monday, October 4, 2010

Hello to you for one last time! It’s been fun to write to you every day and thank you for reading my journal. I can’t believe the State Fair is now over! My family went on Friday night and had a great time! It was crowded but we had so much fun. My little brother Carson loved the baby ducks. They even got to go down a little slide which was his favorite part. I loved the baby pigs! They were so cute! I asked my daddy if we could bring one home and he didn’t think that was the best idea! The little llamas were so adorable too. We loved Old McDonald’s Farm at the fair! It was our favorite part. It was neat because many FFA and 4-H members were there for judging contests and my mom and dad knew a lot of the agri-science teachers!

We also loved the HUGE pumpkins that were there! One pumpkin was over 800 pounds!! You cannot imagine how big it was! How did they ever get it out of the field? That was my question! Carson didn’t even think they were real! It was so cool!

The State Fairgrounds were so nice. I had not been to the new fairgrounds and the Fair was so big! I am glad so many people came out Friday night! When we left we couldn’t believe how many cars were lined up waiting to come in. I did get my cotton candy and it was yummy! And we loved the kettle corn too! My dad ate most of that!

On Saturday we were able to go to Kings Dominion and had a great time! I got to ride a lot of roller coasters because I was finally tall enough! Although there were like 5 I couldn’t ride because I am still a little short! But, I rode the ones I could on the front row with my dad! It was so cool! He and I like roller coasters. My mom and Carson waited for us and they found some great rides that he liked! He did ride one small roller coaster and he was so proud because he kept saying, “It’s a real roller coaster.” We were there by 10am and left by around 4pm because we were tired! But it was so much fun. My favorite part of the day was when my dad and I did what was called the SkyFlyer. We were able to basically glide or fly through the air together and it was awesome! We are lucky in Virginia to have such fun places to visit!

I also got to go see my dad’s office at the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. That is such a beautiful building and we enjoyed getting to see where he works in Richmond! Also, we go to see the Capitol building and it looked so pretty on Sunday with the sun shining down!

Well, thanks! I am so glad I got to do this. I hope you have a great school year! I hope you learn a lot and are able to spend some time on a farm or learning about farms this year! Take care and study hard!


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