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State Fair Diary
SEPT 23-OCT 3, 2010

State Fair of Virginia

4-H Virginia

Finally the week of the Fair came. Caroline washed Glinda and Doo Dah and polished their hooves. She put protective canvas jackets on them to keep them clean. Her family took them to the fairgrounds and the officials weighed them.  Many families spend the night at the Fair in order to care for their animals and be sure they are safe.

When she brought them into the show ring, the judges wanted to see several things: Were the lambs clean? How well did she handle them? Did they pull at the halter or walk with her naturally? Did they move with her whenever she moved? Did they have a square stance? That means that all four feet were on the ground directly under their shoulders and their rump. If you drew a line from one foot to the others, it should make a square or a box on the ground.

After she showed her lambs, Caroline had to wait for everyone else to do the same. Then they got the results and learned who got 1st Place, Grand Champion, Best in Class or any of the other award categories.

Caroline didn’t expect to win a Grand Champion ribbon on Glinda or Doo Dah. Well, maybe a little bit of her thought she might win, but she knew that kids doing this for the first time never win. They need more experience, both in raising the animals and in performing in the show ring.

How Did They Do?
Caroline showed her lambs at the Rockingham County Fair the week of August 15. On Friday, August 20, the 4-H students sold their animals at an auction. Several of the buyers Caroline contacted showed up to bid on her lambs.

Doo Dah weighed 131 pounds and sold for $4.50 a pound. Glinda weighed 117 pounds and sold for $4.20 a pound.  Caroline was very happy with those prices. Glinda got 4th in her class out of about 10 lambs.  Doo Dah came in 6th in his class. Caroline came in 7th in showmanship, which was a good showing for her first project. She says that next year she wants to do another lamb plus a market hog.
Caroline was kind of sad to go home without Glinda and Doo Dah, but then she thought ahead to next year and what she might do differently to place even higher and get a higher price. But before she could focus too much on next year, she had one more thing to do for this year. She wrote thank-you letters and delivered them to the people who bought the lambs.

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