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Fruit, Vegetable and Peanut Marketing

Peanut Inspection Program

The Peanut Inspection Program is an essential element of the peanut marketing system. The program services mesh with government requirements of the marketing and storage program by USDA FSA (Farm Service Agency).

Farmer's Stock peanuts are inspected and graded at approximately 19 Buying Points located in southeastern Virginia . Quality factors determined by these inspections are used to determine grower compensation and disposition of the crop.

All domestic and imported peanuts are inspected for adherence to specific USDA grade standards and USDA Minimum Quality and Handling Standards after they have been cleaned and/or shelled and separated into graded lots. Inspectors supervise the identification of these lots as they are prepared and presented for inspection. This type of inspection is required for all peanuts prior to entering the edible or non-edible market.

Another major function for the program is the analysis of peanuts for the presence of aflatoxin. The USDA Minimum Quality and Handling Standards require all shelled peanuts destined for the edible market to be tested for the presence of aflatoxin and meet certain requirements. We maintain a fully equipped laboratory located in Suffolk to provide same day results for clients requesting or requiring TLC or Alfatest methods of analysis and certification.

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