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Fruit, Vegetable and Peanut Marketing

10 Reasons for Shipping Point Inspection

1. It establishes the grade, condition and pack of the product at point of origin.

2. It promotes standardization by encouraging the sale of products according to official grades.

3. It decreases waste by assuring the transportation and distribution of properly conditioned products.

4. It assists in the distribution of perishables through the added confidence which goes with the graded product.

5. It furnishes a fair basis on which to make contract of sale.

6. It facilitates sales to buyers in distant markets.

7. It assists shipping organizations in making settlements with growers on pooled products.

8. It lessens rejections and minimizes unjust rejections thereby reducing the risks to all financially interested parties.

9. It gives added advertising value to the product thereby expanding available market outlets.

10. It furnishes a fair basis for settling disputes concerning grade, condition, pack or other stipulations between financially interested parties. In case of litigation, it gives the shipper prima facie evidence in all law courts.

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