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Grain Marketing

Types of Inspections and Analyses

Grain inspections and analyses are performed by Grain Marketing personnel within 24 hours after a sample is received at the laboratory. An official inspection certificate documenting the results will be mailed to you. If requested, Grain Marketing also will call or fax you the results.

Official Sampling and Inspection
Authorized Grain Marketing personnel collect grain samples from a client and perform inspections and/or analysis at official Grain Marketing labs in Virginia.

Submitted Samples
A client submits grain samples for inspection either in person or by mail to Grain Marketing labs in Virginia. The required sample size is six pounds.

Protein, Oil and Mycotoxin Analyses
Grain Marketing analyzes the protein and/or oil content of soybeans and all wheat varieties, or analyzes any type of grain for mycotoxins. These analyses can be performed on either official or submitted samples. You may request that an analysis be done separately or combined with other inspection services. All protein and mycotoxin analyses are done at the laboratory in Chesapeake, Virginia. Before submitting a sample, please call for the required sample size.

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