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Grain Marketing

Grain Laws

Grain Marketing at VDACS is responsible for registering grain handlers and dealers as required by Virginia Law. Registration services are offered exclusively at our Richmond office.

Grain Handler
You must first register as a grain handler if you plan to purchase bulk grain to resell as grain or grain products. A handler is required to register only once, and there is no fee involved. A handler license does not permit you to buy or store grain of a Virginia farmer.

Grain Dealer
You must first register as a grain dealer if you plan to purchase, solicit for sale or resale, contract for storage or exchange, or transfer the grain of a Virginia farmer. In addition, you must either obtain a $40,000 bond from an insurance company or secure a $40,000 letter of credit from your local bank. Dealer registration must be done annually by paying the $40 registration fee for main offices and $10 for each branch location.


Grain Bond 1
Letter of Credit
Grain Dealer Application
Application for Grain Products Dealer (Branch office)

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