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Quality Standards for Virginia's Finest Purebred Performance Tested Bulls

Virginia Finest symbol.

In order to utilize the "Virginia's Finest" trademark, all proposed Purebred Performance Tested Bulls must meet the performance criteria and evaluation standards as listed below. Bulls that attempt to meet the standard must have been born in Virginia or tested in Virginia, must have been fed together as a contemporary group, and there must have been a minimum of 15 head. All must have been on a post weaning gain test, on a feed ration designed to provide a three pound per day gain, for a minimum of 112 days, and must pass an official visual and ultrasound evaluation. Bulls that meet the standard will qualify as a Virginia's Finest Performance Tested Bull. Bulls may be freeze branded and certificates will be given to each buyer listing the bull's actual performance.

Performance Criteria and Evaluation Standards


Any Virginia central test station, or an individual Virginia owner participating in or conducting a feed test that meets the approved policy standards, must make an application to the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, identifying how, when and where the trademark will be used on the product. In addition, each trademark applicant must sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, thereby consummating a guarantee of quality. Benefits and privileges of the "Virginia's Finest" trademark program will then be afforded the identified trademark participant.

Ultrasound test and visual evaluations should be completed at the end of the feed test. Each trademark applicant will issue a fully completed and signed Virginia's Finest Performance Tested Bull certificate to the purchaser of each bull.

Virginia's Finest Purebred Performance Tested Bull Participants

George Winn
P.O. Box 955
Gretna, VA 24557

Rodney Phillips
197 Broadview Avenue
Warrenton, VA 20186

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