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Virginia Farm to School Program ~ County By County School Listing

Virginia Farm-to-School Program

Virginia Farm to School Program Coordinator
Leanne DuBois
P.O. Box 1163
Richmond VA 23218
Phone: 804.225.3663 or

Photos of Farm to School.

The Virginia Farm to School program is an effort to increase the amount of fresh and nutritious Virginia Grown products offered in schools and to promote opportunities for schools and local farmers to work together.

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County By County School Listing

Public Schools

Accomack County Public Schools
Bill Hall, Food Services Supervisor
PO Box 40
Oak Hall, VA  23416
757.854.1519; Fax: 757.854.0698

  • Number of Schools: 11
  • Student Population:  5000
  • Distribution: Our school system's fresh produce vendor uses a "Delmarva First" produce policy, which ensures that locally grown produce is available to our schools in season.

Albemarle County Public Schools
Christina Pitsenberger, Director of Food Service
180 Lambs Lane, Charlottesville, VA  22901
Phone:  434.295.0566  Fax: 434.295.1403

  • Number of Schools: 24
  • Student Population: 13,000

Alexandria City Public Schools
Dr. Becky Domokos-Bays, RD SNS Director, Food and Nutrition Services
Food and Nutrition Services
T.C.  Williams High School
3330 King Street, Alexandria, VA 22302
Phone: 703.824.6640; Fax: 703.379.3920

  • Number of Schools:  17 (1 high, 1 9th grade center, 2 middles, 13 elem)
  • Student Population: 10,800
  • Distribution: Member of Shenandoah Buying Coop with Merchant’s Grocery as prime vendor.  All food and supplies are delivered to T.C. Williams HS, which is our central distribution facility.  Participate in DOD fresh produce program as well.   I am willing to work with farmers to showcase VA grown, even at a few schools.  Interested in cold crops and herbs as well as summer harvest.

Alleghany County Public Schools
Violet Paxton, Division Cafeteria Manager
P.O. Drawer 140, 100 Central Circle, Low Moor, VA   24457
Phone: 540.863.1812  Fax: 540.863.1804

  • Number of Schools: 7
  • Student Population: 2811
  • Distribution: We receive produce from 2 times weekly for the High School and the Middle School and 1 time a week for the Elementary Schools.

    Our goal is to buy as much Virginia grown fruit and vegetables as possible.

Amherst County Public Schools 
Kimberly C. Klein, MS, RD
Child Nutrition Supervisor
P.O. Box 1257, Amherst, VA   24521
Phone: 434.528.9562; Fax: 434.946.5437

  • Number of Schools: 11
  • Student Population: 4200
  • Distribution: We have 10 school sites and 1 alternative school.  We take deliveries at each of the 10 schools and we do not have a central warehouse.  We do not take bids for our produce.  We receive our produce from Conner's produce who provides locally grown produce when available.  We have also purchased locally grown apples and sweet potatoes.  We are interested in purchasing additional locally grown items at a competitive price.

Appomattox County Public Schools
Ms. Kempton, Food Service Coordinator, Intern
P.O. Box 548, Appomattox, VA  24522
Phone: 434.352.3048; Fax: 434.352.0315

  • Number of Schools:  4
  • Student Population: Approx. 2300
  • Distribution System:  Our school system has 4 schools with a total student enrollment of approximately 2,300 students.  We go through the bidding process, but have no specific bid for produce.  At this time, all produce is purchased from a local source.  Currently, all 4 locations are ordering individually, but we plan to switch to centralized ordering for the 09-10 school year. Deliveries are made one time per week.  Each school location has dry and refrigerator/freezer storage and we also have a central storage freezer.  The system participates in the National School Breakfast and Lunch Programs.  We are very interested in the future participation of Appomattox County and surrounding county farmers for our school nutrition program.

Arlington County Schools
Amy Maclosky
Food Service Director
2801 Clarendon Blvd. #301, Arlington, VA 22201
Phone: 703.228.6133

  • Number of Schools:  31

The school system has a produce bid and each school orders for itself, off the system-wide bid. Some of the secondary schools are ordering produce off Prince William Co. bid. The school system is interested in discussing availability of local produce even if grower could supply one or a few locations.

Augusta County Schools
Sandy Neff
School Nutrition Program Supervisor
6 John Lewis Road, Fishersville, VA 22939
Phone: 540.245.5127

  • Number of Schools:  22
  • Distribution:  The school system participates in the Blue Ridge Food Coop for purchasing.  There are 21 schools & 1 alternative education site in the Augusta County system.  A distributor services the system, based on a contract, and delivers once per week to each school.  Fresh produce is purchased on a weekly basis from two local produce suppliers and the school system has ability to make outside purchases on an as-needed basis.  Growers supplying product to the schools should have HACCP or other safety protocols in place.

Bath County Public Schools
Lumina B. Shifflett
Food Service Director
12145 Sam Snead Highway
P.O. Box 67, Warm Springs, VA  24484
Phone: 540.839.2981

  • Student Population:  735
  • DistributionCentral purchasing is conducted for three sites (three schools). Each school has dry storage and refrigerated / freezer storage.  Purchases are conducted weekly.  The school system is not in a coop and does not take bids.  School system attendance is around 735.  There is a daily salad bar in one of the schools.  Suppliers are paid once per month, after the first Tuesday of each month.

Bedford County Public Schools
Karen Arthur, School Nutrition Supervisor
PO Box 748
Bedford, VA 24523
Phone: 540.586.1045 ext. 224; Fax: 540.586.2076

  • Number of Schools:  21
  • Student Population:  10,588
  • Distribution:   Our Foodservice department is currently participating in joint bid. We do not currently have a specific produce bid. We make every effort to serve fresh fruit/vegetables everyday in our schools. This year we are participating in Fresh Fruit/Vegetables Program currently in one of our elementary schools. Students are enjoying the opportunities and expanding on their choices of Fresh Fruit/Vegetables. We purchase some produce from a local grower and we would be open for discussion to purchase other locally grown products

Botetourt County Public Schools
Chris Morris
Specialist for School Nutrition
Phone: 540.473.8309; Fax: 540.473.8375

  • Number of Schools:  11
  • Student Population:  5,000
  • Distribution:  The school system conducts centralized purchasing, billing, and centralized menus with some managers’ choice menus.  There are eleven schools in system. The system works with a distributor, including for produce items, and does make a few purchases outside of distributor.  The school system is willing to discuss local purchases with individual growers.  The school system has no central warehouse but does have courier van to shuttle some product in between schools, as needed.  Enrollment in system is about 5,000.

Brunswick County Public Schools
Gwendolyn McMillan
1718 Farmers Field Road, Lawrenceville, VA  23868
Phone: 434.848.3138, Fax: 434.848.6220

  • Number of Schools:  5
  • Students Populations:  2500

Caroline County Public Schools
Keith Conner, Supervisor, Food & Nutrition Services
16221 Richmond Turnpike, Bowling Green, VA  22427
Phone: 804.633.6732, Fax: 804.633.5143

  • Number of Schools:  7
  • Student Population:  4300
  • Distribution:  Primary produce provider is Richmond Restaurant Service which delivers fresh produce to the schools weekly.

Charlottesville City Schools
Sandi Vazquez, Nutrition Services Coordinator
Division Administration Annex, 1400 Melbourne Road
Charlottesville, VA  22901
Phone: 434.245.2422

  • Number of Schools:  9
  • Student population:  4100
  • Distribution:  We purchase significant local produce through the Local Food Hub, Charlottesville, VA

Chesapeake Public Schools
Joanne K. Kinsey, Director of School Nutrition Services
1021 Great Bridge Blvd., Chesapeake, VA  23320
Phone: 757.547.1470; Fax: 757.547.0916

  • Number of Schools:  47
  • Student Population:  40,000
  • Distribution:  The School Nutrition Services Department has a central warehouse. Supporting a flight of refrigerated trucks and a crew of warehouse delivery staff, all food and supplies, with the exception of bread and milk, are delivered on a daily basis to all school kitchens.

Cumberland County
William Brandt
15 School Road, Cumberland, VA  23040
Phone: 804.492.4212  Ext. 5128, Fax: 804.492.9868

  • Number of Schools:  3
  • School Population:  1512
  • Distribution:  Produce vendors are Produce Source; Dan Valley Foods and Richmond Restaurant Services.  We use Virginia Grown apples, broccoli, pumpkins (decorations) and sweet potatoes in the Fall.  In the spring and summer; Virginia Grown strawberries, corn, tomatoes, green peppers and potatoes.

Fairfax County Public Schools 
Penny McConnell, RDN, Director of Food & Nutrition Services
6840 Industrial Road, Springfield, VA  22151
Phone:  703.813.4800, Fax: 703.813.4954
Number of Schools:  242

  • School Population:  184,000
  • Distribution:  We produce and distribute food to all sites from nine central distribution centers. We purchase fresh produce from Keany Produce Company.

Food and Nutrition Services, the Energy Zone, Fairfax County Public Schools supports the Farm to School Program.  It works closely with Keany Produce, its vendor, to purchase available seasonal locally grown fruits and vegetables. Keany provides a seasonal calendar of the available produce and a listing of the farms. 

The Energy Zone reaches out to schools that have school learning gardens and invites them to provide their spring and fall produce for incorporation into the school lunch menu.  To date 35 schools have gardens and they have been highlighted in a school district video.  

Nine elementary schools have been selected to participate in the federally funded Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program.  This program delivers fresh fruit and vegetables as a snack to students’ classrooms. In addition, food and nutrition services provides each teacher with a weekly nutrition education activities disc which highlights the specific fruit and vegetable being served. 

Fauquier County Public Schools
April Plummer, DTR, SNS
School Nutrition Program Director
124 Manor Court, Suite 10, Warrenton, VA 20186
Phone: 540.428.4451

  • Number of School: 20 schools (3 high, 1 alternative, 5 middle, 11 elementary)
  • Total Student Population: 11,300 
  • Distribution:  School division has centralized menu planning, purchasing, and billing. We currently participate in the Department of Defense (DoD) program with $50,000 (09-10) dedicated to 10 schools.  All other sites purchase produce through an approved vendor determined by annual bid.  All sites serve fresh fruits and vegetable daily and each high school has a daily salad bar.  Meat, fish, and poultry are purchased as fully cooked products.  Deliveries are required at the school site, there is no central warehouse.

Franklin County Public Schools
Chuck Hutto, Director of Food Service
25 Bernard Road, Rocky Mount, VA 24151
Phone: 540.483.5748, Fax: 540.483.2907
E- mail:

Floyd County Schools
Pamela H. Harris, SNP Coordinator
140 Harris Hart Road, Floyd VA 24091
Phone: 540.745.9400, ext 6487; Fax: 540.745.9496

    • Number of Schools:  5
    • Student Population: 2100
    • Distribution: Joint bid with New River Valley SNP Cooperative, Montgomery County, Pulaski County, Floyd County and City of Radford. Purchasing from local companies, either Puckett Produce or Roanoke Produce.  Floyd County local farms are supplying us with apples and cabbage.

    Goochland County Public Schools
    Lisa Landrum, Supervisor of School Nutrition
    2938 I River Road West, Goochland, VA 23063
    Phone: 804.556.5604; Fax: 804.556.3847

    • Number of Schools: 7
    • Student Population: 2400
    • Distribution: Our food service department is currently participating in the DOD produce program. We are on a weekly delivery schedule. We do not have a specific produce bid. We currently serve fresh fruit and veggies daily. Goochland Food Service is interested in bringing seasonal local produce to our program.

    Greene County Schools
    Carol Haas, D.T.R., S.N.S., Director
    64 Monroe Drive, Stanardsville, VA  22973
    Phone: 434.985.1365  Fax: 434.990.2515

    • Number of Schools:  5
    • Student Population:  2853
    • Distribution:  We purchase our fresh produce from a local distributor, the "Local Food Hub" (Farm to School), and through the USDA produce program ($20,000.00 for school year 2010/2011).  A fresh vegetable and fruit choice is available at each school every day.

    Hanover County Public Schools
    Christine Ambler
    Director of Food Services
    200 Berkley Street, Ashland, VA 23005
    Phone:  804.365.4567

    • Number of Schools:  23

    The school system uses a distributor(s) but does not have a specific produce bid. The system conducts some open market purchasing of produce. Each site places its own produce orders, based on need. Delivery is to each site (school) with 23 sites in the system.

    Harrisonburg City Public Schools
    Andrea Early, MS, RD School Nutrition Program Director
    101 N. Main St. 4th Floor Harrisonburg, VA  22802
    Phone: 540.437.3300; Fax: 540.434.2764

    • Number of Schools: 8
    • Total Student Population: 4,300
    • Distribution: We currently purchase the majority of our produce through Standard Produce in Charlottesville.  Standard does an excellent job of notifying us when local products are available. We also have a written addendum to our bid with Standard that allows us to purchase up to 5% of our produce directly from local growers.  We are currently purchasing local hothouse bibb lettuce and cucumbers from Portwood Gardens in Dayton and have made several bulk purchases of product from the Shenandoah Produce Auction in Dayton.  Both Portwood Gardens and the Produce Auction have been making direct deliveries to our schools.

    Henrico County Public Schools
    Timothy E.P. Mertz, M.P.A., Director
    Henrico County Public Schools - School Nutrition Services
    3751A Nine Mile Road, Henrico, VA  23223
    Phone: 804.226.5520; Fax: 804.226.8794

    • Number of Schools: 67
    • Total School Population: 48,624

    Henry County Schools
    Marci Lexa
    Director of School Nutrition Programs
    P.O. Box 8958, Collinsville, VA 24078-8958
    Phone: 276.666.8716; Fax: 276.666.8919 
    We currently receive produce deliveries 1-2 times per week, depending on the size of the school, and 4 schools will be participating for at least part of the year in the DoD program. Fresh fruits are served nearly every day and fresh vegetables (salads) every day in all schools.

    Highland County Public Schools
    Betty D. Hiner, Cafeteria Manager
    P.O. Box 250, Monterey, VA  24465
    Phone: 540.468.6364  Fax: 540.468.6399
    E-mail: bhiner@highland,

    • Number of Schools: 2
    • Student Population: 261
    • Distribution: We receive food from SYSCO of VA, Shenandoah's Pride, a private bread distributor, and the USDA program.

    Isle of Wight County Schools
    Pearl Taylor, Supervisor Food Service
    820 W. Main Street, Smithfield, VA   23430
    Phone: 757.365.1608 Fax: 757.365.0970

    • Number of Schools: 9
    • Student Population: 5500
    • Distribution: Deliveries to each school - no main storage facility.
      Deliveries are once per week for produce.

    Lee County Public Schools
    Connie Daugherty, Food Service Director
    153 School board Place
    Jonesville, VA  24263
    Phone: 276.346.2107
    Fax: 276.346.0307

    • Number of Schools:  10
    • Student Population: 3200
    • Distribution: Our school system has 10 schools with a total student enrollment of approximately 3,200 students.  We go through the bidding process, but have no specific bid for produce.  At this time, all produce is purchased from a local source.  Currently, all 10 locations order individually and deliveries are made one time per week.  Each school location has dry and refrigerator/freezer storage.   The system participates in the National School Breakfast and Lunch Programs.  We are very interested in the future participation of Lee County and surrounding county farmers for our school nutrition and fresh fruit and vegetable programs.

    Louisa County Schools
    Randy Herman, Director School Nutrition Services
    953 Davis Highway
    Mineral, VA  23117
    Phone:  540.894.5115; Fax: 540.894.0252

    • Number of Schools: 6
    • Student Population: 4700
    • Distribution: We receive our produce from a distributor. We specify using local produce when available

    Madison County Public Schools
    Patricia S. Seale, Supervisor of School Nutrition
    60 School Board Court, Madison, VA  22727
    Phone: 540.948.3780; Fax: 540.948.5143

    • Number of Schools: 4
    • Student Population: 1800
    • Distribution: Participating in the DOD Fresh Produce Program.  Local grown apples are served in schools every day during the season.  Fresh fruits and/or vegetables offered daily.  Local grown beef and pork served once per month at all schools.

    Nelson County Public Schools
    Beth Morris, Director of Food & Nutrition Services
    P.O. Box 276, 84 Courthouse Square
    Lovingston, VA  22949
    Phone: 434.263.6851

    • Number of Schools: 4
    • Student Population: 1965
    • Distribution: Nelson County Schools purchases the majority of produce from Cavalier Produce in Charlottesville, VA.  Cavalier provides a weekly produce/pricing list that identifies locally grown items.  When available at a competitive price point, the cafeteria managers purchase locally grown fruits and vegetables.  Cavalier delivers to the cafeteria on a daily basis. Nelson County also purchases produce from the Local Food Hub, a distributor of locally grown foods, again when items are available at a competitive price. 

    Newport News Public Schools
    Cathy Alexander
    700 Hogan Drive, Newport News, VA   23606
    Phone: 757.881.5030 ext.16113, Fax: 757.249.1349

    • Number of Schools: 43
    • Student Population: 31,000
    • Distribution: We currently have one produce distributor that delivers weekly to each of our 43 schools.

    Norfolk Public Schools
    Helen Phillips or Debra Kamrath
    974 Bellmore Avenue Norfolk, VA 23504
    Phone: 757.628.2760; Fax: 757.628.2758
    E-mail: or

    • Number of Schools: 54
    • Total Student Population: 34,725
    • Distribution: We have a central warehouse and that delivers to every school every day. Vendors only need to make one drop at the central warehouse.


    Northumberland County Public School
    Saunee Hamlett, Food Service Director
    2172 Northumberland Hwy.
    Lottsburg, VA  22511
    Phone: 804.580.8101  Fax: 804.580.8101

    • Number of Schools:  3
    • Student Population: 1437
    • Distribution: We go through a bid process for foods.  We are continuing to use more fresh fruits and vegetables.  We are using more USDA fresh fruits and frozen vegetables and are looking to support local farmers for our produce when available in our county.

    Orange County Public Schools
    Philip Dorn 
    200 Dailey Drive, Orange, VA 22960
    Phone: 540.661.4550 Ext. 1633

    • Number of Schools: 9
    • Student Population: 5200
    • Distribution: Sysco Foods.  We also work with a local farmer as a vendor in our system with weekly deliveries to each location.

    Page County Public Schools  
    Diane Dovel, SNS  Food Service Director
    735 West Main Street, Luray,  VA 22835
    Phone: 540.743.3304   Fax: 540.743.7784

    • Number of Schools: 9
    • Student Population: 3560
    • Distribution: We currently offer fresh produce every day. Each school gets deliveries weekly and has adequate storage. 

    Pittsylvania County Public Schools
    Kara Scott, R.D.
    School Nutrition Specialist
    P.O. Box 232, Chatham, Virginia 24531
    Phone: 434.432.2761 ext. 3126

    • Number of Schools: 18
    • Distribution: Central purchasing is conducted for 18 schools with deliveries made to each to each site.  Each school has dry storage and refrigerated / freezer storage. The school system is purchasing fresh produce through a distributor and can put interested growers in contact with their current distributor.  The system participates in DoD program for two schools.

    Portsmouth Public Schools
    Jim Gehlhoff, Food Service Coordinator
    3920 Burtons Point Road, Portsmouth, VA  23704
    Phone: 757. 393.8366; Fax: 757.393.5262

    • Number of Schools: 24
    • Student Population: 14,000
    • Distribution: Currently each school is receiving delivery from all vendors. We do not have a central storage facility.

    Prince Edward County Public Schools
    Bruce Davis, Supervisor of Food Service
    35 Eagle Drive, Farmville,  VA  23901
    Phone: 434.315.2100 ex: 3833,  Fax: 434.392.2216

    • Number of Schools:  3
    • Student Population:  2,500
    • Distribution: We are a member of the Southside Coop, which is made up of 14 school districts. Prince Edward County participates in the DOD fresh produce program as well as the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program. Produce orders are deliver by Produce Source or Lovings Produce Company. Delivers are made once a week at each school. Each school has dry and refrigerator/freezer storage. The central warehouse has dry and freezer. The school system participates in the National School Breakfast, Lunch and after school Snack Program. We are interest in working with local farmers with purchasing food and class participation.

    Prince William County Public School
    Katrine Rose, RD SNS
    Administrative Coordinator for Nutrition
    P.O. Box 389, Manassas, VA  20108
    Phone: 703.791.7314; Fax: 703.791.7320

    • Number of Schools:  88
    • Student Population:  73,657
    • DistributionWe are a centralized system that uses centralize menus and conducts centralized purchasing and billing.  We have 10 food related bid categories that are awarded to the lowest responsive bidder.  Merchant’s Grocery has our Meat & Meat Alternate, Paper Products and Beverage bids; Schenck Foods has our Groceries, Frozen Breads, Frozen Fruits & Vegetables and Packaged Snacks bids; Schmidt Bakery has our Fresh Bread bid; Lovings Produce has our Produce bid; and Shenandoah’s Pride Dairy has our Dairy bid.  Deliveries are made to each school site.  Each school has dry, refrigerated and freezer storage.  In addition, we participate in the DoD produce program.  We are very interested in utilizing Virginia made and grown products.

    Rappahannock County Public Schools
    Trista Grigsby, Director of Nutrition Services
    6 Schoolhouse Road
    Washington, VA  22747
    Phone: 540.227-0023
    Fax: 540.987.8896

      • Number of Schools: 2
      • Student Population: 980
      • Distribution: RCPS is very interested in working with local farmers on hoop house-based season extension for salad greens, winter root crops, fruits and specialty items to educate students during our "Seasonal, Local Foods" tastings. We currently participate in the DOD Fresh program, work with Schenk Foods, and are open to other produce procurement options.

    Richmond City Public School
    Carolyn J. Nelson - Senior Account Technician
    201 West Graham Road, 2nd Floor
    Richmond, VA 23222
    804.780.8220; Fax: 804.780.8278

    • Number of Schools: 46       
    • Distribution: Managers place orders through our online food/paper ordering system.  Orders are submitted to vendors on Wednesdays.  Vendors pull down all orders from 46 schools.  Once orders are filled, vendors deliver product to each individual school.

    Richmond County Public School
    Tammy Coates - Food Service Director
    P.O. Box 550, Warsaw, VA. 22572
    Phone: 804.333.3584; Fax: 804.333.5186

    • Number of Schools: 3 schools
    • Total Student Population: approximately 1200
    • Distribution: Receive produce once a weekly from our regular distributor.
      Distributor is selected through a bid process.
      Serve fresh fruits several times a week.
      Fresh vegetables (salads) are available everyday at high school level. Interested in purchasing local grown produce.

    Roanoke County Public Schools
    Ed Tutle, Supervisor – School Nutrition Services
    5937 Cove Road, Roanoke, VA 24019
    Phone: 540.562.3900 x10211; Fax: 540.562.3994

    • Number of Schools:  29
    • Student Population: 15,300
    • Distribution:  We bid using an “all or nothing” approach and have a main distributor.  We also bid bread, dairy and beverages.  We use a local produce supplier but have no specific bid for produce.  We have central freezer receiving capability and each sit has refrigeration/freezer/dry storage capacities.  We receive weekly deliveries from our main suppliers with twice a week milk and bread deliveries.  We can purchase items off bid.  Each fall we purchase apples from a local grower and would be open for discussion to purchase more locally grown products.

    Rockbridge County Public Schools
    Daphne Stickley, Food Service Supervisor
    1972 Big Spring Drive, Lexington, VA 24450
    Phone: 540.463.7386, ext. 225; Fax: 540.463.7823

    • Number of Schools:  8
    • Student Population:  2798
    • Distribution: Normally deliveries are made to individual schools by supplier. Other means are available by our maintenance department.

    Shenandoah County Public Schools
    Beverly S Polk, School Food Services Supervisor
    600 N Main Street, Suite 200, Woodstock, VA  22664
    Phone: 540.459.6721 Fax: 540.459.6744

    • Number of Schools:  9
    • Student Population: 6266
    • Distribution:  The school system participates in the Blue Ridge Food Coop for purchasing.  A distributor services the system, based on a contract, and delivers once per week to each school.  Fresh produce is purchased on a weekly basis from Merchants Grocery and the school system has ability to make outside purchases on an as-needed basis.  Local produce is purchased when available.

    Virginia Beach City Public Schools
    Diana Shockley
    Procurement Specialist
    Office of Food Services
    P.O. Box 6038, Virginia Beach, VA 23456
    Phone: 757.263.1101

    • Number of Students: 70,000
    • Distribution: The system uses a main distributor but is permitted to make purchases outside of their main distributor. General food, snacks and beverages are bid through RFP (Request for Proposal).  Other products are regular bids. Deliveries would be made to individual school sites once per week.  Each school location has dry, refrigerated, and freezer storage. The school system also participates in USDA and DOD produce programs.

    Williamsburg-James City County Schools
    Jane C. Haley, SNS
    Child Nutrition Services
    597 Jolly Pond Road, Williamsburg, VA  23188
    Phone: 757.565.3838, Fax: 757.565.1462
    The school system has 14 schools with a total student enrollment of approximately 11,000 students.  The system uses a main distributor, but has no specific bid for produce.  Produce is purchased from whichever distributor receives the frozen and staples bid.  Items not on the original bid may be purchased from other sources.  The system has no central warehouse and deliveries would be made to individual school locations. Deliveries are made one time per week.  Each school location has dry and refrigerated/freezer storage.  The system participates in the National School Breakfast, Lunch, and After School Snack Programs with summer school breakfast programs at a limited number of school locations.

    Westmoreland County Public Schools
    Hazel Hickman, Food Service Supervisor
    School Nutrition Program
    141 Opal Lane, Montross, VA 22520
    Phone: 804.493.8156; Fax: 804.493.9323
    As a part of our Wellness Policy and to support local growers and businesses we purchase locally grown produce in season whenever the cost of the produce is close to or the same as prices from our vendor for school meals and for catering. We have also partnered with the Northern Neck Vegetable Growers on a grant. We would be very interested in working with the Farm to School Program.

Private Schools

Bent Mountain Christian Academy
Karen Scott – Administrator
P.O. Box 66
Bent Mountain, VA  24059

Being located in a rural community offers an abundance of opportunities to participate in the everyday happenings of planting, raising & harvesting your own food.  The local produce farmers and orchardists have allowed the students to participate in the harvesting of potatoes and apples.  The students have made harvested prepared and apple butter and sold it each year.  We have had a parent supply the students with local farm raised pork sausage.  The students have harvested local grapes to eat, and to use in the classroom to make grape juice and demonstrate osmosis. We have a gardening class in the spring.  In our gardening elective, the students raise vegetable plants from heirloom seed to take home to continue raising, then collect the seeds to reuse in the fall from the vegetables and flowers grown through the summer.  The students have a cooking elective in which the menus include locally grown apples, potatoes, etc. The students are often given apples from local orchardists for their packed lunches. Our parent/student handbook promotes fresh produce products to comprise the students' snacks and lunches they bring daily. We support the Virginia Farm to School program, and encourage parents to buy locally for their students.   

Holy Cross Academy
Jenna Orther
250 Stafford Lakes Pkwy., Fredericksburg, VA 22406
Phone: 540.286.1600 ext. 121; Fax: 540.286.1621

  • Total Student Population: 450
  • Distribution System:  Keany Produce

Infinitee Day School
Deidra Gillis/Owner
722 Miller Street, Norfolk, VA  23509
Phone: 757.963.5680, Fax: 757.965.3045

  • Number of Schools: 1
  • Students Population: 28
  • Distribution: Currently locate product at food warehouse stores.

St. Catherine’s School
Theodora Miller, Director of Marketing and Communications
6001 Grove Avenue, Richmond, VA  23226
Phone:  804.288.2804
E- mail:

  • Student Population:   890

St. Catherine’s and Meriwether Godsey, our culinary partner, aim to provide nutritious foods that will fuel them through all of this, and, at the same time, offer a dining experience worth looking forward to.  As children mature, and eat meals away from home, they are faced with making their own food choices.  These choices are influenced by peers, mood, what’s available.  By providing fresh foods as opposed to processed and convenience foods we hope to promote healthy habits while still catering to adolescent food preferences. Our menus, ingredients, cooking methods, nutrition programs all incorporate our theme of BALANCE, which strives to give all of our guests, but particularly our girls, the skills to develop mindful, healthful habits for themselves and the planet.

Saint Patrick Catholic School
Sheila Jessen/Extended Care Director
1000 Bolling Avenue, Norfolk, VA 23508
Phone: 757.213.0945; Fax:757.440.5200

  • Student Population:  385
  • Distribution:  We currently purchase local products from Dave & Dee’s as well as Produce Source Partners.

The House of Restoration
Latricia Brown
P.O. Box 2489, Petersburg, VA 23804
Phone:  804.862.9571
There is a central delivery site.  The schools receive bulk of food from USDA with some outside purchasing of produce items, as needed.  The school provides breakfast and lunch to between 275-450 pupils per day, based on the time of year.  The school does have a summer program.  The Schools is particularly interested in fruit items.

Colleges and Universities

Hollins University
Michael Watts, General Manager, Dining Services
P.O. Box 9660, Roanoke,  VA  24020
Phone: 540.362.6306, Fax: 540.362.6227

  • Number of Schools: 1
  • Student Population: 1054
  • Distribution:  Full service dining hall, retail snack bar, and coffee shop.

Liberty University
Craig Dasuta, District Executive Chef
1971 University Drive
Lynchburg, VA  24502
Phone: 434. 582.2262, Fax: 434.592.4662

  • Student Population: 12,500
  • Distribution: Liberty University is contracted with Sodexo to provide its dining services. Food is sourced primarily from Sysco VA and Cavalier Produce.

University of Virginia
Kendall Singleton, UVA Dining Sustainability Coordinator
525 McCormick Road
Charlottesville, VA   22904
Phone: 434.924.5864; Fax: 434.982.4995

  • Student Population: 21,000
  • Distribution: UVA is contracted with Aramark to provide its food service program.  Aramark/UVA Dining sources primarily from Sysco, Produce Source, and the Local Food Hub.

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