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Pesticide Disposal

Photo of pesticide handling.The disposal of canceled, banned or unwanted agricultural and commercial pesticides poses a significant challenge to agricultural producers and other pesticide users due to its high cost. The proper disposal of waste pesticides eliminates a potential threat to health and the environment.


Virginia's Pesticide Disposal Program is an effort by the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, with participation from Virginia Cooperative Extension and the Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services. The program assists agricultural producers, licensed pesticide dealers and pest control firms, golf courses and homeowners with the proper disposal of unwanted pesticides. The program is available at no cost to eligible participants.

No general fund tax dollars are used to implement the program. The program is supported by pesticide fees collected by VDACS.

Photo of pesticide disposal facility.In 2014, 155,245 pounds of canceled, banned or unwanted agricultural and commercial pesticides were collected and subsequently destroyed. Since its inception, Virginia’s Pesticide Disposal Program has collected and destroyed a total of 1,386,828 pounds of pesticides.

How the Program Works

To administer the Pesticide Disposal Program, Virginia is subdivided into 5 regions. A pesticide disposal program is conducted annually in localities within each of the regions. Once all 5 regions have been served, the program will start another cycle.

The Pesticide Disposal Program requires participants to transport their unwanted agricultural and commercial pesticides to a central collection site where the hazardous waste disposal contractor will package the pesticides for eventual disposal. If a participant cannot safely containerize the unwanted pesticides for transport, the disposal contractor will make these arrangements to containerize the pesticides for transport.

Four photos of people working with the disposal.How to Participate
Completion of a pre-registration form detailing pesticides for disposal is requested for all participants. The form is available here or VDACS, P. O. Box 1163, Richmond, Virginia 23218.

Eligible participants are encouraged to contact either their local Virginia Cooperative Extension agent or Jeffrey Rogers for additional information.

Map of Participating Localities for 2014 - 2018

List of Participating Localities 2014 - 2018

Collection Dates and Locations

Disposal Brochure

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