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Pesticide Enforcement and Compliance

The Enforcement and Field Operations Section provides the investigation and inspection resources for the Office of Pesticide Services. It also carries out the regulatory provisions of the Virginia Pesticide Control Act.

Pesticide Investigators
Twelve Pesticide Investigators conduct random inspections statewide to monitor the pesticide production, sales and application industry to insure compliance with state and federal laws, and regulations.

Pesticide investigators also investigate citizen complaints alleging the misuse of pesticides.

Pesticide investigators respond to inquiries for information, requests for assistance with meeting regulatory requirements, and calls to investigate allegations of pesticide misuse.

Regulatory Actions
Regulatory actions are taken following an Administrative Procedure for Processing Violations for Civil Penalty Assessment and Actions on Certificates, and Registrations.

Regulatory actions that involve a monetary civil penalty assessment are taken following the Guidelines for Enforcement of the Virginia Pesticide Control Act - Civil Penalty Assessment Decision Matrix.

Additional Information

Copies of the Virginia Pesticide Control Act and Regulations Pursuant to the Virginia Pesticide Control Act govern applicator certification, business licensing, product registration, and fees.
Copies of the Administrative Procedure for Processing Violations...and the Civil Penalty Assessment Decision Matrix are also available on request.

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