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Registered Pesticide Products

The Office of Pesticide Services provides access to product registration information by sharing data with public databases.  Currently, there are two databases which the public can use to query information such as registration status, labels or other product specific information.  State registration data is provided regularly to the owners of these websites in order to provide current and up to date information related to the registration status of pesticide products.  While some of the information provided on these websites comes directly from our database, there may also be information posted from data provided by either the registrant (company) or the Environmental Protection Agency.  

If you are searching for a product to control a specific pest on a specific site then some products may appear in the results which are not labeled for that particular use in Virginia.  Always check the label appearing on the product container to verify that the intended use is listed.  The labels which are posted on the websites are for reference purposes only.  Users are required to follow the label which is attached to the product container or any accompanying supplemental labels.  A product must be registered for the current calendar year to be sold, offered for sale, used, offered for use or distributed in the Commonwealth of Virginia. 

When you click on one of the specified links you will be redirected away from the VDACS  website.  The websites you will be redirected to are not owned or maintained by the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services or the Office of Pesticide Services.  VDACS assumes no liability and makes no warranties regarding the use of these sites or programs.  If you notice erroneous data related to the product name, EPA Registration Number, registration status, or state restricted use status contact .  All other erroneous data should be reported directly to the owner of the website since it may have been provided from other data sources.

Kelly Solutions Pesticide Database Search
In addition to data provided from the state’s database, Kelly Solutions incorporates information submitted by companies with data from the EPA related to active ingredients, pests, and use sites.  The data found through queries may include expired or cancelled products.  Confirm the status of the product before selling, offering for sale, using, offering for use or distributing the product.  The state registration status can be confirmed by checking the Registration Status and the Expiration Date.  Registrants who use Kelly Solutions to register their products are responsible for maintaining the labels they have posted there.

National Pesticide Information Retrieval System (NPIRS) State Public website
The NPIRS Public website also contains data provided by state, federal and private entities.  The information posted on the website can be searched according to active ingredient, site, pest, EPA registration number, product name or company name.  The NPIRS project is a not-for-profit program managed by Purdue University and includes registration data for multiple states.  If a product label has been submitted to the NPIRS Public website then the VA Product ID Number will be highlighted in bold green font.  Click on the highlighted text to view the label.

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