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Mold Remediators: Certification and Licensing Requirements Under the Virginia Pesticide Control Act and Related Regulations

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Changes to the Regulations Governing Pesticide Applicator Certification
Effective February 17, 2012, Section 2VAC5-685-60. Persons exempt from certification, was amended to include two new exemptions to the pesticide applicator certification requirement.  The new regulations exempt from certification Gypsy Moth Surveyors and Cotton Boll Weevil Surveyors working under the direction of the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.  Click here for a copy of the text.

Opportunity for Pesticide Applicators to Retake an Exam Once with No Additional Fee
As of January 24, 2012, individuals seeking to become certified pesticide applicators will be allowed two testing opportunities with each nonrefundable fee paid. This applies to commercial applicators and registered technicians and includes examination for both initial certification and renewal of certification, and adding a category or subcategory of certification.

Applicants have 12 months from either the first test date or the expiration of the first Letter of Authorization during which the second examination must be taken. Should the applicant complete two testing opportunities and not be issued the appropriate certification or subcategory of certification, or, if more than 12 months have elapsed, they are required to submit another nonrefundable fee and will be given two more testing opportunities. Every testing opportunity requires the submission of the appropriate application form.

As an example, an applicant submits a completed application along with the $70 nonrefundable fee to become a commercial applicator. The applicant does not pass the examination on the first attempt. The applicant must submit an application to retake the examination. No additional fee is required. The applicant must wait at least 10 days from original test date to retake the examination. If the applicant fails the examination the second time, and wishes to become certified they are required to submit a completed application and the $70 nonrefundable fee and will be given two more testing opportunities. The applicants must wait at least 30 days from the last test date to take the examination.

If you have any questions regarding the changes to the regulations or the examination process, please contact the Office of Pesticide Services at 804.786.3798.

New Training Manuals and Certification Exams Available

Three revised commercial pesticide applicator training manuals are now available by mail or online order from the Virginia Cooperative Extension Publications Distribution Center. The three new titles are the Virginia Core Manual: Applying Pesticides Correctly, Forest Pest Control, and General Pest Control. The Core manual can be used to prepare for three pesticide applicator certification exams (the Commercial Core exam, the Registered Technician exam, and the Private Applicator exam) as well as the Pesticide Business License exam. The two category manuals can be used to prepare for certification in Category 2-Forest Pest Control and Category 7-A-General Pest Control (including food processing), respectively.

The new certification exams based on these manuals will be available at all VDACS testing sites and Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles Customer Service Centers on Thursday, January 7, 2010. Contact OPS at 804.786.8934 if you have any questions concerning which manual you should study and when new exams will be available.

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