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Registration of Pesticide Products
FIFRA Section 18 Registration

Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) Section 18, Emergency Exemptions

Under the authority granted by Section 18 of FIFRA, the EPA may authorize an exemption to registration of a pesticide, based on the information available to the agency thus allowing a pesticide to be made available for use. An exemption to the Federal registration requirements may be possible if an emergency condition exists which meets the requirements for such an exemption. There are four types of emergency exemptions:

Requests for exemptions are normally initiated and submitted to VDACS by the crop specialists within the Virginia Agricultural Research Extension Centers. Information submitted with each request for Section 18 specific exemption is reviewed by an independent Special Registration ad hoc Review Committee. The committee reviews the economic, environmental and human health impacts of the product. Upon completion and recommendation, the request for exemption is forwarded to the EPA for authorization of the exemption.

Click here to view the current list of Section 18 Emergency Exemptions authorized in Virginia.

FIFRA Section 24 Registration
Experimental Use Permits

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