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Gypsy Moth Aerial Treatment Schedule 2013
Last updated May 8, 2013

The control strategy proposed for the project area is one application of the gypsy moth mating disruption pheromone. This tactic has been used for a number of years with good results in reducing gypsy moth populations. The pheromone application hampers the ability of the male gypsy moth to find and mate a viable female because the treatment area is saturated with the synthetic formulation of her attractant. The application will be conducted using aircraft from daybreak to nightfall.

The proposed treatments are scheduled to occur in June of 2013. The exact timing of the application will be dependent on insect development and weather conditions. Due to the unusual weather patterns in 2013, the timing of the applications is difficult to predict at this time.

Tentative Treatment schedule:
This information will be up-dated as project dates become finalized.

Treatment Dates
Week of June 17
Week of June 17
Week of June 17
Week of June 17
Week of June 17
Week of June 17
Week of June 17
Contact Information:

If you have any questions about these treatments, please contact VDACS Gypsy Moth-Slow The Spread office at the address below prior to May 15, 2013.

VDACS Gypsy Moth Slow The Spread Office
1580 North Franklin Street, Suite 7
Christiansburg, VA 24073
Phone: 540.394.2507, FAX: 540.394.2414

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