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Beehive Grant Program

In 2012, the Virginia General Assembly created the Beehive Grant Fund (Fund) for the purpose of promoting the establishment of new beehives in the Commonwealth.

Residents of Virginia, at least 18 years of age, who either purchase a new hive or purchase materials or supplies to construct a new hive may apply for a grant from the Beehive Grant Fund. Each grant shall be in the amount of actual expenses incurred for the purchase of items to establish a new hive up to $200 per hive, not to exceed $2,400 per individual per year. Grants are awarded in the order in which each completed application to the Beehive Grant Program is received. In the event that the amount requested from the Fund exceeds the amount of funds available, such grants shall be paid in the next fiscal year in which funds are available.

Applicants should review the Guidelines regarding the qualifications and requirements for the Beehive Grant Fund before submitting an application.

A qualifying purchase must include all of the following items, provided the items are used to establish a new hive:

The following items also qualify if purchased in conjunction with the items above:

Applicants must submit a completed Form W-9 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification and valid receipts from the purchase of qualifying beehive equipment with their application.

Upon completion of the application process, individuals will be registered as a beekeeper with Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

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    For more information on protecting your personal information online, refer to Guide to Online Protection.

    Online Protection Glossary

To submit your online application click here.

For more information please e-mail:

If you wish to learn more about VDACS’ apiary inspections or the Virginia Pollinator program, please click here.

Guidelines and Requirements for Qualification

Virginia Pollinator

For those who need bees or have bees to rent for pollination.

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