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On-Farm Experience

On-Farm Experience -The CFS program stresses the need for practical, hands-on experience. The On-Farm Experience module requires individuals to raise a sampling of the crops and/or livestock they have included in the whole farm plan.

Click here for module worksheets.

On-Farm Experience

→Develop a resume with references that showcases both conceptual and practical skills. 
→Develop a business plan from information generated in previous modules. 
→Create a definition and show proof of “sustainability” that incorporates environmental best management practices, economical viability, and farm safety/health methods.
→Establish a farm mentor contact who can attest to the amount of practical experience gained.
→Understand the importance of farm health and safety, and design ways to implement health and safety tactics on the farm.
→Understand the ultimate consequences of production practices through cost-benefit analysis.
→Show ability to physically raise crops/livestock included in the whole farm plan through an independent test plot.

Questions to Answer:
→Do you have a legitimate resume written?
→Do you have a legitimate business plan written?
→What environmentally sound practices are important to you?
→How can you maximize the efficiency of your resources?
→Are you able to apply knowledge gained in previous whole-farm planning modules to an on-farm experience?
→Do you have the skills necessary for your chosen type of production?

 Overview of Assignments:
→Attend a workshop, lecture, or seminar on any production practice topic. 
→Establish a year-round record keeping system.
→Raise a sampling of all crops and livestock included in the whole farm plan under the supervision of an established farm mentor. 

For more information, please contact:

Mrs. Katie Myer
Certified Farm Seeker Program Coordinator

Andy Sorrell
VDACS Office of Farmland Preservation

Ron Saacke
Virginia Farm Bureau Young Farmers

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