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Certified Farm Seeker Program Worksheets
Please find the worksheets for each of the five curriculum models below.

Worksheets - Introduction to Whole Farm Planning

Introduction to Whole Farm Planning Overview (pdf or docx)

Worksheet 1 (pdf or docx)

Worksheet 2 (pdf or docx)

Farm Goals Worksheet (pdf or docx)

Quality of Life Worksheet (pdf or docx)

Worksheet 6 (pdf or docx)

Worksheet 8 (pdf or docx)

Worksheet 9 (pdf or docx)

Worksheet 10 (pdf or docx)


* Alternative Introduction to Whole Farm Planning Module for Existing Farmers (pdf and docx)

Worksheets - Business Management

1.6-Estimating Income and Expenses (pdf)

2.9-Assessing Worker Abilities and Needs (pdf)

2.10-Likely Changes in Our Human Resources Situation (pdf)

2.13-Balance Sheet (pdf)

2.17-Risk Management (pdf)

4.11- Regulations and Policies (pdf)

4.12-Describing Potential Crop Production Systems (pdf)

4.13-Describing Potential Livestock Production Systems (pdf)

4.14-Resource Needs and Acquisition (pdf)

4.16-Estimating Output and Capacity (pdf)

4.17-Operations Strategy Summary (pdf)

4.18-Tasks and Workload (pdf)

4.19-Filling Workforce Needs (pdf)

4.20-Compensation (pdf)

4.21-Human Resources Expense Estimates (pdf)

4.22-Management Strategy (pdf)

4.23-Human Resources Strategy Summary (pdf)

4.25-Business Organization (pdf)

4.26-Farmland Affordability (pdf)

4.27-Finance (pdf)

4.28-Financial Strategy Summary (pdf)

4.30-Annual Operating Expenses for the Whole Farm (pdf)

4.33-Long-Range Projected Income Statement (pdf)

4.34-Long-Range Projected Cash Flow (pdf)

4.35-Projected Balance Sheet (pdf)

4.36-Risk Analysis (pdf)

4.37-Transitional Cash Flow (pdf)

Worksheets - Land Acquisition and Tenure


Worksheets - Marketing


Worksheets - On-Farm Experience

For more information, please contact:

Kevin Schmidt
VDACS Office of Farmland Preservation

Ron Saacke
Virginia Farm Bureau Young Farmers

Stefanie Kitchen
Virginia Farm Bureau
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