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December 20, 2016
What Farmers Want for Christmas?
Contact: Elaine Lidholm, 804.786.7686

If you go to a farmers’ market, a pick-your-own farm, a roadside stand or a country store, then you know at least one farmer who feeds you. You might want to remember him or her at this holiday season. Here are some things your farmer would like for Christmas:

  • A day off – farmers work night and day, 365 days a year. They would love a day off.
  • A year with no weather emergencies – farmers are at the mercy of the weather. They need rain, but not too much. They need normal, seasonal temperatures: no early hot spells, no late frosts. And they would appreciate a year with no hurricanes or hail. 
  • Bountiful harvests – they could always use more corn per acre, more milk per cow or more apples per tree.
  • Respect for their way of life – many people today don’t know what it’s like to run a farm. Next time you complain about the price of eggs or get behind a slow-moving tractor on a country road, take a deep breath and think about what the farmer does every day to provide those eggs and that beautiful scenery. (And then maybe slow down.)

This is their wish list, but farmers are reasonable. So if they don’t get time off, good weather, bountiful harvests or the respect they deserve, well, they’ll just keep on doing what they’ve always done, working hard to provide Americans with a safe, abundant and affordable food supply.

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