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Complaint Database
Use the Complaints Database search to investigate the status of complaints against a specific business. Find out how many complaints have been filed and if they were resolved favorably.
Charitable Organizations
Use this search to determine the filing staus and other information about charitable organizations, professional fundraising counsel and professional solicitors.
Information on Registered Legal Service Plan Sellers
Public search of registered legal plan sellers.
Health Spas
The Office of Consumer Affairs (OCA) is responsible for the administration of the Virginia Health Spa Act. The Act requires all health spas in Virginia to file with OCA. Before joining a health spa, you should check to ensure it has registered with OCA as required by the Act. Once you click on this link, you should be taken to a page that provides for:

Search engine to determine if a spa has registered. Note: Site is currently under construction.
Health Spas in Virginia - what you should know before you join a gym.

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