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Application for Distributors' License

Fast Track Distributor's Licensing
Virginia State Milk Commission's Regulation 2 VAC 15-20-60, Classification and Requirements of Distributor Licenses, allows the Administrator to grant temporary authority to an applicant to operate as a licensed distributor. In order to obtain temporary authority, the following conditions must be met. The applicant must submit a written request to the Administrator stating:

  1. a request for temporary license be granted until the agency receives and processes a properly completed application.
  2. the reasons for the need for license.
  3. an agreement to abide by all laws and regulations governing the sale of milk in Virginia.
  4. an agreement to properly account for receipts and utilization of all fluid milk and cream in Virginia and to pay appropriate assessments.

The above information may be e-mailed or faxed (804.371.8700) to the SMC Richmond Office to the attention of Mr. Crafton O. Wilkes, Administrator. This request may also be e-mailed to

Once the request for application for license has been received, the agency will set up a teleconference interview with the applicant to review the application in order to determine the accuracy of the information submitted and to clarify any issues involving the application for license. Notice will be sent to the applicant prior to the teleconference.

Fair Trade Requirements
SMC Regulation 2 VAC 15-20-100, Rules of Practice, were develop to provide for certain controls over a limited number of industry fair trade practices to afford fairness. One of the provisions of these guidelines is to prohibit the sale of milk products at less than cost. The accounting procedures set forth in the Fluid Milk Products Cost Manual, March 1, 1979, prepared by Case and Company, Inc., for the Virginia Milk Commission, are to be used in determining a processor's cost. A copy of the Case and Company manual may be obtained by writing to:

State Milk Commission
102 Governor Street, Suite 205
Richmond, VA 23219

Questions regarding fair trade guidelines should be directed to:
Mr. Crafton O. Wilkes, Administrator 
Fax: 804.371.8700
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