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Photo of milk and cookies.Milk is the Official Beverage of the Commonwealth

The Milk Commission ensures that the citizens of the Commonwealth have a constant, available and reasonably priced supply of milk and assures the industry that the supply of milk is equitably priced.

The Commission was created in 1934 to supervise the producer price, supply and sale of fluid milk in Virginia. In 1974, the Milk Act was amended to provide for a Commission that is comprised of four consumer members, two milk producers, one milk processor-distributor, and an administrator, who is an ex officio non-voting consumer member. The Commission presently employs eight full-time employees. The Virginia Milk Commission assures Virginians a constant supply of fresh and wholesome Grade "A" milk at a fair and reasonable level. It establishes monthly producer prices at competitive levels with adjacent markets and it preserves market stability. On July 1, 2003, the Commission was merged within the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

What does the Milk Commission do?

What does the Milk Commission NOT do?

Commission Members
Kate Blair Farmer, Consumer Patrick Crawford, Processor
Bruce E. Mayer, Consumer Gerald Heatwole, Producer
Jay B. Swanson, Consumer Kenneth K. Smith, Producer
Robb Watters, Consumer  
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