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Regulation 2 VAC 15-20-100 7 (a)(b)(c)(d) specifies the conditions permitting sales, promotions, advertisements and coupon offers involving fluid milk in Virginia controlled markets. These provisions of the regulations are as follows:

7. Sales promotions, advertisements, and coupon offers involving fluid milk products are allowable provided the following conditions are met:

a. Sales promotions, advertisements, or coupon offers are submitted to the agency in writing for the Administrator's approval. b. The effect of the promotion, advertisement or coupon is not to circumvent the below cost provisions of this chapter. c. The promotion, advertisement, or coupon offer does not involve any distributor paying for the cost of any part of the promotion, advertisement, or coupon which results in circumvention of below cost prohibition; and d. The promotion, advertisement, or coupon does not involve any practice or practices which may substantially lessen competition in or substantially increase the cost of milk.

Questions concerning the above regulation may be directed to:
Crafton O. Wilkes, Administrator State Milk Commission
102 Governor Street, Suite 205
Richmond, VA 23219
Fax: 804.371.8700

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