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Report Requirements

Welcome to the SMC site for information on our reporting requirements, report forms and instructions on their completion. Please advise us through e-mail, fax or telephone if you are unable to locate the information you need.

Regulation 2 VAC 15-20-90, Records and Reports, requires each distributor to report and maintain records on:

  1. the amount of milk and cream received from all sources;
  2. the use or disposition of these receipts; and
  3. the butterfat tests of each producer's milk received and the butterfat tests on all products sold.

The above information must be reported to the appropriate SMC office (Richmond or Hampton) by the 7th of each month. This information may be filed in any of the following approved formats:

  1. agency forms
  2. federal reports (copy of the distributor's federal order report may be used in lieu of the agency forms provided that sales into Virginia controlled markets are broken out separately by market.)
  3. licensee generated printouts or reports (provided the printout or report has been reviewed and approved by SMC to be used in lieu of agency forms), and
  4. computer media (only if the data furnished is compatible with SMC's hardware and software configurations.)

The Milk Commission will make available a copy of its report software upon request. Request should be made to:
Mr. Crafton O. Wilkes, Administrator 
Fax: 804.371.8700


Licensed Processing General Distributor Report Forms:
SMC-7 (Pg 1 of 2, Pg 2 of 2)
Instructions for completion
SMC-7A (Pg 1 of 2, Pg 2 of 2)
Instructions for completion
SMC-7-2A (Pg 1 of 1)
Instructions for completion
SMC-7-5A (Page 1 of 1)
Instructions for completion

Licensed Distributor Report Forms:
SMC-7 (Pg 1 of 2, Pg 2 of 2)
Instructions for completion
SMC-7-SM (Pg 1 of 1)
Instructions for completion
Acceptance of Assigned BaseThis is a letter of agreement to accept less than assigned base
Product Conversion Factors Table for Milk and Milk Products

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