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Recipes for Tomorrow's Consumers

Students will enjoy these hands-on projects and tasting the results of their hard work.

Kick-The-Can Ice Cream

When the milk or cream mixture is placed in a very cold ice bath, the mixture starts to freeze. This is what we call ice cream!



Tools of preparation:

Eating utensils:

How To:

Baggie Ice Cream


Fill one large bag with the 6 tablespoons of salt and about half full with ice. Put the milk, sugar, and vanilla in the small bag. Seal the smaller bag and place inside the large bag with the salt and ice. Seal well. Now place this bag inside another gallon-size bag (We used two large bags because the children were very vigorous with their shaking and the bags were getting holes in them!) and shake the mixture for about 5 minutes. Open bags and wipe off the top of the small bag and open carefully and enjoy.

Vanilla Ice Cream
Basic recipe:

Variations To make a flavored ice cream, add one of the ingredients below:

You Will Need:

  1. Mix the three basic ingredients together. Pour them into the one-pound coffee can. Add a variation if you want. (The can will be about three-fourths full.) Place lid on securely, and set the small can inside the three-pound can.
  2. Starting with ice, alternate layers of ice and salt between the outside of the small can and the inside of the three-pound can, packing the ice down as you go.
  3. When the layers get to the top of the small can, cover the entire lid with ice. Then place the lid on the three-pound can, making sure it fits tightly.
  4. Set the can on the floor, and gently roll it back and forth. You may need to wrap a small towel around the outside of the large can so it will stick to your hands. Roll the can for at least ten minutes. The ice inside the can will get watery, but keep on rolling!
  5. After rolling, put the can upright. Remove the towel and lid from the big can, and slowly pull the small can out of the big can. Wipe the ice and salt from the lid; then remove the lid carefully.
  6. The ice cream will be frozen to the sides and bottom of the can. (If it is not thick enough, put the can in a freezer. Check it every ten minutes or so.) When it is thick enough, stir the icy parts off the sides and bottom into the mixture until it's smooth and creamy.
Crunchy Seed Candy


How To:

Mix all ingredients together, shape into 1" balls and roll in sesame seeds to coat.

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