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The Office of Agriculture and Forestry Development Services can serve as your first point of contact when starting a new agriculture or forestry businesses in Virginia.

Depending on the specific business needs, Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS) project managers are available to:

  • Help access appropriate business plan preparation resources, as well as assess the supply, demand and production potential agricultural products.
  • Share their knowledge and experience in the agriculture and forestry industry to identify important challenges and opportunities the new business may face.
  • Navigate the public and private-sector financing resources for which you may eligible.
  • Assist with site selection by providing industry-specific information on infrastructure, workforce, environmental regulations and other critical needs.
  • Link businesses with appropriate resources within VDACS, such as food safety inspection and marketing programs.
  • Engage the Virginia Economic Development Partnership, as well as other appropriate business development partners and agencies on the local, regional, state and national level.
  • Coordinate your announcement, groundbreaking or ribbon-cutting event.

Business Planning Resources

While there are a variety of loans, grants and other assistance available to new agriculture and forestry business, effectively accessing these resources often requires completion of a business plan. The Commonwealth offers a variety of planning resources:

Stephen Versen
Manager, Agriculture and Forestry Development

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