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Century Farms


Suffolk Bradshaw-Johnson Family Farm David A. Bradshaw
  Crooked Creek Farm Nancy Pruden, Terry Pruden
  Copeland Farm Mr. and Mrs. James C. Copeland, Mary Ellen Copeland
  Dailey Farm Jane Arthur
  Daughtrey Farm Charlie C. Daughtrey, Jr.
  Daughtrey Homeplace Jasper Daughtrey, Jr.
  Gate House Farm R. Wilkerson Holland
  Grady Gardner Farm Mary H. Gardner and Myrtle G. Eason
  Harrell-Gardner Farm Emma Harrell Gardner, Norman L. Gardner, Sr.
  Holland Family Farm Howard V. Holland, Jr., Mary H. Holland
  Joe E. Holland Farm R. W. Holland, Martha Rountree
  Martin Farm Mr. and Mrs. William E. Martin
  Milteer Farms Esther F. Milteer
  Old Homeplace R. Wilkerson Holland, Kathryn G. Holland, Deborah Holland Lee, Margaret H. Guinn
  Pope's Farm Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Pope, III
  Pot Liquor Hill Martha Rountree, Cathy Quate, Kathryn Holland, Deborah Lee, Margaret H. Guinn, David Holland
  The Duck Farm J. Richard Duck
  Sandy Crest Farm J. Richard Duck
  Shady Grove Louise D. Cutchin
  Seth Howell Farm Burke H. Howell and Myrtle G. Eason
  The Quarter J. Richard Duck
  The Morgan Farm Clifton M. Carr
  The Nancy Vaughn Farm Catherine Etta Cutchin and Leonidas Cutchin, III
  Tom Eure Place Margaret Holland Guinn

Kevin Schmidt
Office of Farmland Preservation

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