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Photo of Virginia's Finest products.

Virginia’s Finest®
Since 1989

The Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS) introduced the Virginia’s Finest® Trademark Program to enhance the economic opportunities and success of Virginia’s specialty food companies, processors and agriculture producers.  The classic Virginia's Finest® trademark identifies, differentiates and promotes top-quality Virginia agriculture and specialty food and beverage products.  Buyers and consumers have grown to recognize the blue and red “VA check mark” logo and know they are purchasing top quality Virginia-produced and processed products, including:

• Meats • Cheeses • Soups • Seafood • Peanuts • Pasta • Baked Goods • Snacks • Chocolates/Confections • Condiments/Dressings • Sauces • Beverages

Only Virginia products that meet or exceed quality standards are eligible for the Virginia's Finest® program.