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In 1989, the first fire ant infestation was detected in the Commonwealth of Virginia. To date, all fire ant infestations appear to have been introduced into Virginia on nursery stock or other plant products from infested areas. With assistance from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the VDACS Office of Plant Industry Services attempted to eradicate each fire ant occurrence. Now that the pest is thoroughly established in the Tidewater area, the infested localities are included in Virginia’s Imported Fire Ant Quarantine and VDACS will no longer treat infestations within the quarantined area, concentrating instead on new infestations that may appear outside the quarantine area.

Fire ant mounds are typically found in warm, sunny locations such as landscape beds, lawns, around trees and shrubs, along sidewalk cracks and against buildings. If disturbed, theses ants are generally aggressive and can inflict painful stings.

If you suspect a fire ant infestation within the quarantine area, please use caution and contact your local Virginia Corporative Extension office for treatment recommendations. If you suspect a fire ant infestation outside of the quarantine area, contact the VDACS Office of Plant Industry Services.

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