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Century Farms


Augusta Annandale Farm Mr. and Mrs. Julian Q. Moffett
  Andes Triple Hills Farm Mr. Joe Andes and Mrs. Nancy Andes
  Bashaw Farm William Lorenza Bashaw, III and Edna Ann Bashaw Zaccaria
  Big Rock Dairy Kathleen L. Simmons
  Bonnie Doon Farm Robert O’ Donnell, Angelika O’Donnell
  Botkin Family Farm Virginia L. Botkin Kisamore
  Brookside Joel W. and Nellie R. Hamilton
  Buttermilk Road Dairy Harold and Lois Wampler, Keith and Anita Wampler, David and Kathy Wampler
  Carmine Hill Farms Charles Edward Mowry, Thelma Mowry Depriest
Heirs of Ralph Lewis Mowry, Sr.: Ralph L. Mowry, Jr., Randolph L. Mowry, William B. Mowry
  Charles F. Props Farm Charles F. Props
  Cleveland Farm Jerry O. Cleveland
  Cool Springs Farm A.D. Shinaberry, Jr.
  Cros-B-Crest Farm James C. Crosby, Harry H. Crosby
  Dividing Ridge Farms Mr. and Mrs. Tim W. Clemmer
  Doak's Fort — Williams Farms Mrs. James E. Williams, Jr.
  Dudley Farm Mr. William Guilford Dudley, Jr. & Mrs. Rhonda Stracener Dudley
  Evers Farm Margaret Evers Marsh
  Flowing Springs Farm William L. Bowman
  Garber Farms, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Lowell W. Garber, Sr., Lowell W. Garber, Jr, Brian E. Garber
  Harper Farm Mrs. Gayle D. Urguhart, Mrs. Mary Louisa Urguhart Bryant and Mr. and Mrs. Hugh and Rebecca Lamb
  Headwaters Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Eubank, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. John Ashley Eubank Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Eubank, Jr.
  Hickin Farm Marli Hickin
  Hidden Springs Farm Mr. & Mrs. Walter E. Brown
  Kinmont Farm Mr. and Mrs. James Earl Kindig
  Lanes End Farm Robert Keith Wenger
  Long Farm Quinton Long
  Maple Manse Joseph B. Yount, III
  Maple Springs Farm Jeff Slaven
  McAllister Family Farm H. L. and Agnes McAllister
  Medowbrook Farm Mr. and Mrs. M. Haskins Coleman III, Dr. Joyce Henderson Coleman, Mr. and Mrs. John Paris Henderson, Jr.
  Middon Manor Kay S. Woolf
  Mish Bros Farm Mr. F.P. Mish Jr. and Mr. Gary Mish
  Mohler Farm John A. Mohler, Sr.
  Mountain View Farm Garland and Ginger Greene, Clay Greene, Laura Greene
  M V Link Farm Malcolm V. and Jean S. Link
  Ore Banks Farm Mr. and Mrs. Harry Newton Arey, Mr. and Mrs. Warren "Bert" Arey, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Newton Arey
  Pine Top Farm Mary R. Stout
  Pleasant Hill Farm Robert P. Brown
  The Ray Wine Farm Mr. E. Ray Wine
  Ron – Rou Farm Roland L. Roudabush and Katy W. Roudabush
  R.L. Moore Homestead Margie Moore, Larry Moore and Sam Arey
  Robert E. McCune & Sons Robert E. McCune
  Rockfish Farm Carl L. Freed, Jr.
  Rocky Tree Farm Douglas W. and Sharon B. Ocheltree
  Rollerdale Farm O. B. Roller
  Rolling Meadows Farm Charles Wm. Fretwell, Jr., E. Jarman Fretwell
  Rollinghills Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hunter Shomo
  South River Retreat Guy D. Brooks, William L. Brooks, and Virginia B. Davis
  Suffangus Farm Mr. and Mrs. Carroll W. Swortzel, Mr. and Mrs. C. McCheyne Swortzel
  Summit Dairy/Summit Farm Heizer Family
  Storm Hill Farm Randolph W. and Mary C. Covington
  The Cedars Mr. W. Bowman Cutter and Ms. Susan Kjelgaard Stiker
  The Cliffs W. T. Sellers
  The Croushorn Farm Mrs. Joyce McDonald
  The Flying J Farm Ms. Donna M. Lambert
  TLC Farm Thomas F. and Loretta P. Crickenberger
  Valley Mill Farm Mr. and Mrs. James Weldon Brown
  Varner Farms Charles Varner Jr.
  Willow Grove Farm Charles and Donna Patterson
  Wine Farm Mr. and Mrs. Lyndon Wine
  Wunderlich Andrew Wonderley
  Youell Family Farm Bill and Cathy Youell

Genette Harris, Farmland Preservation Coordinator

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