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Photo of seed inspection.The Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS) provides inspection and grading services for a variety of agricultural commodities, foods, plants, animals and consumer services. Explore these links for more information on these programs and services.
  • Agricultural Commodity Inspection
  • Responsible for ensuring the integrity of commodities regulated under Virginia’s Animal Remedies, Commercial Feed, Seed, Fertilizer and Agricultural Liming Materials Laws.

  • Animal Care
  • The Office of Animal Care manages VDACS’ animal care mandates.

  • Animal Health
  • Programs, resources and updates regarding animal disease control and prevention efforts.

  • Beekeeping & Apiary Inspection
  • Administers the state’s apiary inspection program and resources for Virginia beekeepers.

  • Charitable Gaming
  • Promotes the integrity of charitable gaming activities in the Commonwealth.

  • Dairy & Foods
  • Administers Virginia laws and regulations designed to ensure the safety, wholesomeness and proper labeling of foods.

  • Fruit, Vegetable & Processed Foods Services
  • Grading and inspection program in the Division of Commodity Services.

  • Ginseng Inspection
  • Ensures the sustainability of wild ginseng in Virginia.

  • Grain Services
  • Grading, inspection, and compliance program in the Division of Commodity Services.

  • Livestock Services
  • Grading and evaluation program in the Division of Commodity Services.

  • Meat & Poultry
  • The Office of Meat and Poultry Services administers inspection laws and regulations.

  • Nursery Inspection
  • Inspects nursery stock in an effort to prevent the spread of insect, weed and disease pests.

  • Peanut Services
  • Grading and evaluation program in the Division of Commodity Services.

  • Pesticide Information
  • Certifies applicators, registers products and licenses pesticide businesses for the safe and effective control of pests.

  • Plant Export Certification
  • Inspects and certifies many types of plant products for export.

  • Plant Pest Survey & Detection
  • Collects and manages data on plant pests of concern to Virginia.

  • Poultry & Egg Services
  • Grading program in the Division of Commodity Services.

  • Produce Safety
  • Inspects covered produce under the FDA Produce Safety Rule and state legislation.

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