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sheepAnimals play many valuable roles in our lives. The Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS) is responsible for the Commonwealth’s animal control, care and welfare mandates, as well as animal disease control, prevention and diagnostics. VDACS provides inspection and grading services to ensure the production of a safe, unadulterated, wholesome and accurately labeled food supply. The agency protects the health of Virginia’s animal populations through Animal Disease Traceability, admissions and traceability programs.


  • Animal Care
  • The Office of Veterinary Services manages VDACS' animal care mandates.

  • Animal Admissions
  • Regulations governing the entry of animals into Virginia.

  • Animal Health
  • Programs, resources and updates regarding animal disease control and prevention efforts.

  • Animal Disease Traceability
  • Information on Virginia’s animal ID program and disease traceability.

  • Laboratory Services
  • VDACS’ animal health laboratory system provides regulatory and diagnostic testing.

  • Livestock Services
  • VDACS’ livestock services program brings industry buyers and sellers together.

  • Meat & Poultry
  • The Office of Meat and Poultry Services administers inspection laws and regulations.

  • Poultry & Eggs
  • This program administers VDACS’ poultry and egg inspection and grading program.

  • Veterinary Services
  • The Office of Veterinary Services is responsible for the state’s animal disease control and prevention efforts.

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