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Photo of pesticide applicatorThe Office of Pesticide Services certifies applicators, registers pesticide products and licenses pesticide businesses. These activities provide for the safe and effective control of pests that attack our crops, structures and health.

Information for Pesticide Applicators

Information for Pesticide Businesses

Information for Pesticide Product Registrants

Protecting Pollinators

Pesticide Use on Hemp

VDACS has issued information to assist industrial hemp growers in identifying pesticide products that may be used on hemp crops grown in Virginia.

Information regarding VDACS’s pesticide product registration process and currently registered pesticides is available here.

If your hemp product is intended for human consumption: VDACS has reviewed the Food and Drink Law and related regulations that it administers in light of the recent hemp-related amendments and recently determined that, as noted in the May 16 correspondence from the Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services, the agency's Food Safety Program is not able to approve the manufacture, distribution, or sale of a hemp-derived extract intended for human consumption that is produced by a Registered Industrial Hemp Processor. If your intended hemp-derived product is not an extract but is intended for human consumption, please contact VDACS's Food Safety Program for additional information.

Additional Services & Links

Click here for Office of Pesticide Services contact information.

If you have a pesticide-related complaint, contact the Office of Pesticide Services at 804.371.6560. Pesticide investigators are available to inspect and investigate allegations of pesticide misuse.

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