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Century Farms


Shenandoah Ambrose Farm Mr. Larry L. Ambrose and Mr. Gary M. Ambrose
  Baker Farms Steven A. Baker
  Bauserman Farm, LLC James K. Crowley and Laura C. Kiser
  Bowman Farm Dick D. and Barbara Bowman
  Clayfield Farms Mr. William C. Hockman, Mr. James C. Hockman and Mrs. Melissa D. Hockman
  Coffelt Farm Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Coffelt Copp
  Coffman-Hoover River-Mount Farm Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Hoover, Jr.
  Conicville Ostrich Dr. Willard Lutz
  Dellinger Brothers Farm Noah A. Dellinger, Mr. & Mrs. Charles M. Dellinger, Mr. & Mrs. Gary W. Dellinger, and Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Dellinger
  Del Ray Farm Ms. Elizabeth H. Richard
  Dodson-Baker Farm Steven A. Baker
  Faith Farms Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Pangle, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Pangle, Jeremy Pangle
  Fingerboard Farm Mrs. Fulton Ramsey
  Foggy Bottom Farms George Shipe
  G & N Farm Forestville James Wellard, Eddie Wellard, Freddie Wellard
  Grayson S. Getz Farm Grayson S. Getz
  Hepner Farm James A. Hepner
  Heishman Family Farm Mr. Charles Heishman & Mrs. Patsy Heishman
  High Hope Dairy, Inc. Martin J. Helsley, Sr.
  Island Ford Farm Elizabeth S. Vance
  Kauffman Homestead Geary W. and Ethel M. Showman
  Keller Farm Geneva Keller, Gary Keller, Charles Keller
  Keller Farm Mr. and Mrs. Ken Kline
  M.V. French Farm Mr. Orrin L. French
  Mahogany Grove Farm Mrs. Charles S. Gochenour
  Manor Mill Farm Mr. and Mrs. Frederick H. Neese
  Mill Creek Poultry Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Fansler
  Mulberry Run Farm Mr. and Mrs. James C. Hockman
  Northbrook Farm Mrs. Helen S. Hockman
  Ridge Rock Poultry Edward A. Garber
  Rhodes Ridge Farm Mr. S. Jason Rhodes, Jr. and Mrs. Marie C. Rhodes
  Rudy Farm Barbara Rudy Bowman
  Sand Ridge Farm Douglas M. Keller
  Swover Creek Farms Lynn St. Clair and Jessica Rush
  The Crisman Hill Farm Mr. Heubert Jenison and Mrs. Mary Frances Crisman
  The Pinnacle Fund, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Tusing, Dawn T. Burris, Michael B. Tusing
  Windle Farm Mr. and Mrs. William C. Hockman
  Windy Grove Farm Mr. and Mrs. William Homer Wakeman
  Zehring Farm Tyrus C. and Lita Zehring Lytton
  Zirkle Farm The Zirkle Family
  Zirkle Farm Willim Denman Zirkle

Jennifer Perkins
Coordinator, Office of Farmland Preservation

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