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Century Farms


Franklin Bear Creek Farm Julia Lovell Griffis
  Blackwater Bend Dairy, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Eric Bowman, James Hollace Bowman, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Eugene Bowman, Mr. and Mrs. Joel Hubert Bowman
  Blackwater Valley Farm E. Cline Brubaker
  Bow-Knott Dairy Farm Mr. and Mrs. Basil G. Boitnott and
Mr. and Mrs. C. Dale Boitnott
  Boitnott Bros. Farm Orlin Boitnott
  Bowmont Dairy Farm, Inc. Willard Bowman and Laird Bowman
  Brown Farm Rachel Brown
  Brubaker Dairy Mr. and Mrs. Lowell D. Brubaker, Michael D. Brubaker
  Burnt Chimney Dairy William F. and Elsie Turner
  Bush Run Dairy Farm Glenn L. and Judy R. Clingenpeel
  Cavalier E. G. Booth
  Clark Home Place Clyde W. Clark
  Cobbs Home Mr. and Mrs. George M. Cobbs, Jr.
  Cooks Knob Farm Jim Shively
  Deerwoode Farm Joyce Boitnott Tice, Sue Boitnott Wray
  English/Hodges Farm G. W. English, Jr.
  Floradale Farms Wendell and Mary Flora
  George T. Amos Farm George T. Amos
  Graveyard Knob Farm Marvin A. and Patricia M. Webb
  Green Acres Farm Darius Plunkett
  Greer’s Sontag Acres John H. Greer
  Hillcrest Farm Raymond C. Bowman and Carl W. Bowman
  Holland Homeplace Hazel H. Davis, James S. Holland, John S. Holland, and Jeffrey D. Holland
  Holt’s Hidden Hills C. Maurice and Sarah R. Holt
  Home Again Farm Mr. Mark and Mrs. Tammy Knick and Mrs. Nellie Brubaker
  King Edwards III Farm Mr. Charles Abron Edwards, III, Mrs. Jimmie Webb Edwards and Edwards Properties, LTD
  Laymont Dairy Allen and Dena Layman
  Lumsden Farms Jerre and John Lumsden
  Meadow Spring Farm Wesley W. Naff, III
  Meadow View Farm Charles D. Bowman
  Ned V. Hudson and Sons Ned V. Hudson and Sons
  Retreat Dairy Farm Mr. and Mrs. Claude W. Green
  Ridgecrest Farm Jack and Barbara Bowman
  River Place Farm E. Louise Truman and W. Arnold Hurt
  Rocky Meadow Farm William C. Powell, Jr. and Robin B. Powell
  Shumate Creekside Farm Glen B. Via
  Simms Homeplace Farm Paul and Shannon Simms
  Sunnybrook Farm Nina Flora Ross
  Thurman Farm William B. and Juanita M. Thurman, Juanita M. Thurman
  Tucked Away Acres W. H. Parcell, Jr.

Genette Harris, Farmland Preservation Coordinator

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