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Century Farms


Mecklenburg Bottoms Farm Bernard F. and Bertha Pearce Bottoms
  Brankley Farms Keith Brankley, Mark Brankley, and Dorthy  Brankley
  Buffalo Farms Mr. Reginald R. Arrington
  Center Hill Farm Nancye Tarry Gray
  Chewning Farm Ada Chewning
  Crossaw Farm Yvonne O. and John P. Jones, Jr.
  Daniel Pettus Estate Alice P. Burchett and Irene P. Cooper
  Deerfield Donald B. and Connie Edwards Harrell
  Dennis L. Rogers Farm Dennis L. Rogers
  Edgewood Farm Mr. and Mrs. Gray Moss
  Jacob Reebals Farm Marie Reebals, George Reebals, Joan Riley, Donnie Reebals, Andy Reebals
  Lambert Farm Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Lambert, Jr.
  Lofty Oaks Ephriam B. Wright
  Nelson Farms Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Nelson
  Old Powell Farm James B. Powell
  Parkland Farm William M. Park
  Pittard Leaf and Beef Farms A. T. Pittard, Jr.
  Puryear Farms John Burnell Puryear Jr. and Rita Murray Puryear
  Ridgecrest Farm John D. Mullins
  Rosemary Farm Doris Wagstaff
  Rosemont Vineyard and Farms Catherine Rose, Gray Rose, Anne Brulatour, Greg Rose, Madie Armstrong, John Rose, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Rose
  S. T. Moore Farm Mrs. S. T. Moore, Jr., Sam Moore, III, Kathleen Crutchfield, and Linda M. Boyd
  St. Tammany Farm Carol Bracey Corker and Susan Bracey Sheppard
  Sunny Knoll Farm Helen C. Bigger
  The Southall A. Townes Farm Henry A. Townes and Susie S. Townes
  Twin Oaks Farm William J. and Anne W. Carey; Terry M. Wildman
  Walker Farm Kathleen N. Walker
  Walnut Hill Farm W. M. Crowder, Jr.
  Willow Run Farm Ruby W. Mew and Carmalita W. Hudson
  Wilsons Farm Mr. and Mrs. William Boyd Wilson
  White Oak Farm Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm G. Ogburn

Genette Harris, Farmland Preservation Coordinator

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