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Century Farms


Nelson Ashley Farm Gene and Debby Ashley
  Bellevette Jessie Redd McCarthy
  Bryant Farm Bruce and Rebecca Moyer
  Cherry Hill Farm Anne F. Henderson
  Dickie Bros. Orchard Thomas H. and Emilie Dickie Bruguiere
  Edgewood Farm Jerry Thornton and Robert Dunn
  Fitzgerald's Orchard Thomas H. Fitzgerald, Jr.
  Flint Rock Mr. Richard R. James, Trustee, Mr. Robert H. James and Mrs. Alma Evelyn Watts James
  Harvest Haven Clyde H. and Ginger Harvey
  McDowell Fitzgerald Family Farm Edgar F. Fitzgerald
  Peace Hill Farm Edward L. Embrey
  Rock Cliff Andrew H. Gantt II
  Saunders Brothers Ms. Tatum Sounders, Mr. Tom Saunders, Ms. Lyn Saunders, Mr. Bennett Saunders, Mr. Jim Saunders, Mr. Robert Saunders, Mr. Marshall Saunders, Mr. James Saunders, Mr. Tye Saunders, Ms. Annie Saunders Burnett, Mr. Price Saunders
  Sunnyside Farm Wilton Slaughter Dolan, Jr.
  Thorn Rose Farm Edward T. and Vera L. Campbell

Genette Harris, Farmland Preservation Coordinator

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