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Century Farms


Sussex Blackwater Farms Walter E. Westbrook, Patricia Westbrook Jenkins, Betty Lou Westbrook Gilliland
  Briggs High Hills Estate Dr. Ethel Briggs Poarch, Evangeline P. Jones, and Candice P. Baines
  Carpenter Farm John W. Bryant, Jr.
  Cedar Level Deborah Nicholson Dunn, Ryan Derby Dunn
  Dickerson Farm Donald C. Dickerson, Donna D. Dean
  Dillard's Herbert J. Dillard
  Dunn’s Farm Joseph C. Dunn
  H. E. Harrell Homeplace Farm Henry Edward Harrell, Jr.
  The Harp Tract Glover W. Pegram
  The Home Place Mr. John H. Clements
  Lane’s Grant Elva Laine Magee
  Landon Tucker Estate Mrs. Joyce T. Freeman, Mr. Landon L. Tucker, Mr. Cleveland T. Tucker, Mrs. Mamie L. Hall, Mr. Walter J. Tucker
  Lewis Farm Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Lewis, Rebecca S. Lewis
  Lone Oak Farm Mr. Keith G. Richardson and Mrs. Brandee R. Phillips
  Maggie’s Acres Mr. and Mrs. Hugh W. Harrell, Scott M. Harrell
  Marsh Isle Farm
*Also listed in Prince George County
William E. Tomko, Jr. and William E. Tomko, III
  Mockingbird Hill Mr. and Mrs. Hugh W. Harrell, Mr. and Mrs. Hunter H. Harrell
  Oak Hill Farms Harvey Macklin Dunn, Jr., Keith Macklin Dunn
  Oak Lawn Farm Mr. and Mrs. Wilmer A. Sims, Jr.
  Oak Spring Ms. Marlene Grace Evans
  Parson Farm Anne Parson Everett
  Poarch Farm Mr. Raymond L. Poarch and Mr. Thomas W. Poarch
  Poole Farm Mr. and Mrs. F.W. Lewis, Rebecca S. Lewis
  Poverty Acres John H. Stephenson, III and Joseph A. Stephenson
  Rose Farm Woody Dunn, Jr.
  Silver Hill Curtis Wayne Owen
  The Ole Place Jean Flowers Grubbs
  Twin Oaks Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Grizzard Edwards
  Twin Oaks Farm Alma E. Drewry
  Urquhart Landing Queen A. Williams
  Whispering Pines Mr. and Mrs. Ronald G. Bell, Jeffrey A. Bell

Genette Harris, Farmland Preservation Coordinator

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