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Press Releases

January 9, 2024
USDA Releases 2022 Cash Receipts Data of Top Virginia Ag Products
Contact: Michael Wallace

The United States Department of Agriculture Economic Research Service has released Cash Receipts by State data for calendar year 2022. The total cash receipts for Virginia commodities in 2022 were $5,059,910,000, which is comprised of $1,650,765,000 for crops and $3,409,145,000 for animals and products. The 2022 all commodity cash receipt total is an increase of more than $1.2 billion from the 2021 total of $3.84 billion. Cash receipts for agricultural commodities are defined as the gross income from sales of crops and livestock products during a calendar year.

“Higher commodity cash receipts are great. However, this data is from a year with an extremely volatile market, and the data reflects that. Commodity prices fluctuated widely. Although they were high through much of the year, hopes for Virginia producers to make significant profits were largely offset by high input prices, particularly for fuel and fertilizer. Severe weather, avian influenza, labor shortages, and other effects of inflation were also significant challenges during the year,” said Joseph Guthrie, Commissioner of the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

New cash receipts data provides new states rankings for various agricultural commodities. Nationally, Virginia cash receipts rank the Commonwealth fourth in tobacco, fifth in apples, sixth in turkeys, seventh in broilers and in the category of other animals and products, eight in peanuts, and ninth in farm chickens and trout.

The following is Virginia’s top 20 commodities ranked by cash receipts, with values rounded to the nearest thousand:

1 Broilers $1,602,080,000
2 Cattle and calves $482,253,000
3 Turkeys $453,838,000
4 Dairy products, Milk $395,640,000
5 Soybeans $351,660,000
6 Miscellaneous crops* $343,450,000
7 Corn $339,486,000
8 All other animals and products** $255,300,000
9 Floriculture $143,702,000
10 Chicken eggs $139,161,000
11 Hay $136,076,000
12 Wheat $75,982,000
13 Hogs $74,269,000
14 Cotton lint, Upland $72,970,000
15 Tobacco $70,664,000
16 Apples $55,311,000
17 Peanuts $33,163,000
18 Cottonseed $14,614,000
19 Pumpkins $11,899,000
20 Trout $2,219,000

Data as of November 30, 2023
*Miscellaneous crops include greenhouses, nurseries, tomatoes, potatoes, and other crops as reported by the USDA.
** All other animals and products include livestock such as sheep, goats, and bison.

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