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The Cotton Boll Weevil Eradication Program consists of monitoring cotton fields for the presence of the cotton boll weevil and treatment if boll weevils are found. The costs associated with this survey program are paid by Virginia’s cotton producers. The Office of Plant Industry Services oversees the survey to ensure that program standards are met.

Administration and enforcement of the provisions of the cotton boll weevil quarantine are important and necessary to protect and enhance Virginia's cotton industry, in addition to protecting the quality of the environment in the cotton-producing area. The regulation:

  1. Restricts the movement of regulated articles, such as seed cotton, gin trash and used cotton-harvesting equipment to prevent the reintroduction of the boll weevil into Virginia and other non-infested states by the use of inspections, certificates, permits, compliance agreements and treatments, if necessary;
  2. Requires all cotton farm operators in Virginia to participate in the eradication program, which includes reporting of acreage planted in cotton and field locations, compliance with all cotton boll weevil regulations and payment of per-acre fees to support the trapping of all cotton fields; and
  3. Prohibits non-commercial cotton from being planted in Virginia unless the grower applies for and receives an exemption. To request an exemption for the production of non-commercial cotton, please fill out the Request to Grow Cotton form and email the completed form to David.Gianino@vdacs.virginia.gov.

The eradication of the cotton boll weevil and the enforcement of the quarantine, which ensures that the boll weevil does not re-infest Virginia, provide an alternate crop that enhances the economic conditions for growers in eastern and southern Virginia.


Amanda Bly

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