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Grading and Inspection

US Grade A Poultry logo. US Grade A Poultry

  • Quality means "The inherent properties of a product that determine its relative degree of excellence."
  • Product is continuously monitored by USDA graders and assigned a grade based on the following quality factors: exposed flesh, defeathering, discolorations, broken bones, missing parts, freezing defects, conformation or shape, fleshing, and fat covering.
  • Grading is a voluntary service paid for by poultry processors. Not all poultry is USDA graded.

US Inspected Poultry logo. US Inspected Poultry

  • Inspection refers to the safety of poultry and poultry products and the accuracy of their labels.
  • Both the products and the plants' systems for sanitation and preparation of products are inspected to assure that they are safe.
  • Inspection involves only those properties related to wholesomeness and labeling, not quality.
  • Inspection is mandatory and required by law, with minor exceptions.

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