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US Swine Health Improvement Plan

African Swine Fever and other diseases such as Classical Swine Fever pose a threat to the US pork industry. In response, a new program is being developed in a collaborative effort of pork industry professionals, pork producers, and government officials. The new program called US Swine Health Improvement Plan (US SHIP) is being modeled after the National Poultry Improvement Plan. US SHIP will establish national standards centered on disease prevention and the ability to demonstrate freedom of disease in the event of an outbreak. In the event of a disease occurrence in the US, participation in the plan will provide a pathway to resume interstate and international trade. US SHIP is a voluntary program. There is no fee to participate.

How To Enroll

Step 1 - Complete the US SHIP enrollment form that is applicable to your business (Single Premises or Multi-Premises) and email the completed form to vastatevet@vdacs.virginia.gov

Step 2 - Complete a biosecurity enrollment survey

Step 3 - Once enrolled, you will be contacted by the Division of Animal and Food Industry Services to complete certification. To become certified US SHIP participants need to demonstrate competency in providing at least 30 days of movement information electronically in a common format.

Click here for Division of Animal and Food Industry Services contact information.

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