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Please review the Regulations Governing Livestock Dealers and Marketing Facilities for the Purpose of Controlling and Eradicating Infectious and Contagious Diseases of Livestock. As well as, Rules and Regulations for the Registration of Poultry Dealers for poultry dealers. These regulations will keep you in compliance with Virginia’s livestock dealer laws.

The Virginia Livestock/Poultry Dealer Program is required for any person(s) who engages in or facilitates, including by electronic means, the business of buying, selling, auctioning, exchanging, or otherwise transferring ownership of livestock or poultry in the Commonwealth for his/her own account or that of another person. Each dealer shall renew his/her registration by no later than January 8 of each even-numbered year thereafter.

Please print and complete the form below, send it to our office at vastatevet@vdacs.virginia.gov or Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Office of Veterinary Services, P.O. Box 1163, Richmond, Virginia 23218.

After receiving your application, VDACS will review your information for approval with no charge to you. Once approved your livestock and/or poultry dealer permit(s) will be mailed to you directly unless expressed otherwise.

Click here for Office of Veterinary Services contact information.

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