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Official Identification

Official Identification for Livestock in Virginia

Official identification devices are managed by state and federal animal health officials to ensure that there are unique and standardized animal identification numbers available to support animal disease traceability. Producers may use other forms of identification for on-farm herd management purposes or breed registry programs, but official ID is required for regulatory programs (vaccination, testing, herd accreditation) and the interstate transport of most livestock. For additional information on official ID tags, see this USDA document: Official Eartags – Criteria and Options.

Scrapie flock ID and tags for sheep and goats can be requested from the USDA office in Richmond at 804.343.2560.

Please see these factsheets for additional information:

Official Livestock Identification Tags

840-series RFID button tags are available at no cost from VDACS (while supplies last) for cattle and swine.
ID Tag.
Official metal silver “brite” tags are available at no cost from VDACS for cattle and swine.
ID Tag.
ID Tag.
Official metal orange brucellosis vaccination (“Bangs”) tags are available at no cost from VDACS for accredited veterinarians performing brucellosis vaccinations. Contact the nearest VDACS Regional Office to request tags.
ID Tag.

Richard Odom
Virginia Animal Disease Traceability Program

Premises Registration: prem.id@vdacs.virginia.gov 

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