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Cattle (including bison, water buffalo, & yak)

Virginia regulations govern the entry of animals into the Commonwealth. If you are bringing an animal into Virginia, please click on the appropriate link below to find out what is required.

  • Poultry (chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, ratites, and game birds such as quail or partridge)
  • Primates (monkeys & apes)
  • Swine (including pet pigs)
  • Other Animals (such as reptiles, large cats, bears)

Virginia regulations govern the entry of animals into the Commonwealth. Details are available in Virginia’s Cattle Entry Requirements. Please indicate on the CVI if bulls younger than 18 months of age are virgin or nonvirgin. Non-virgin bulls under 18 months of age and all bulls 18 months of age or older moving to a farm or exhibition must have a negative PCR test for Trichomoniasis within 30 days prior to entry.

Beginning June 1, 2019,  accredited veterinarians responsible for certifying the health status of cattle, bison and other bovines being shipped to the Commonwealth of Virginia must obtain an entry permit. An online animal entry permit system is available at no cost for accredited veterinarians to submit required information and obtain an entry permit. A permit is not required if veterinarians submit an electronic Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (eCVI) from an approved commercial application. Currently, only eCVI submissions from GlobalVetLink or Vet Sentry are approved. Additional information is provided below:

  • There is no cost to use the Virginia Animal Entry Permit system.
  • At present, a permit is required only for CATTLE being IMPORTED to Virginia.
  • Accredited (Type 2) veterinarians, please go to https://www.statevet.com/ to signup for an account. Once approved by our staff, you will be able to log-in and create an entry permit.
  • An electronic copy (PDF format) of the entry permit will be available once the application is complete and submitted. Please do not send this document to us; as soon as the permit is submitted online the information will be transferred to our office electronically.
  • Virginia requires individual official identification for all cattle, except beef feeder cattle under 18 months of age. Official identification means an 840-series (electronic RFID tags highly preferred) or USDA metal ear tag (orange brucellosis or silver brite tag). Brands, tattoos or other types of identification are not considered official ID in Virginia.
  • If you have questions or need assistance using the permit system, please contact us Monday-Friday, 8:00am to 4:00pm EST.

Rick Odom

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