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Charitable Gaming Supplier Licensing

Suppliers of charitable gaming supplies must submit an application along with all relevant documents to the Office of Charitable and Regulatory Programs (OCRP) and receive a supplier license before offering to sell, selling or providing any charitable gaming supplies, including bingo paper, paper instant bingo/seal cards/pull-tabs, poker cards, poker chips and mechanical card shuffler to a qualified organization; or poker cards, poker chips and mechanical card shuffler to a registered Texas Hold'em poker tournament operator.

Applications will be processed in the order in which they are received. OCRP has 90 days to process completed supplier applications. A $1,000 application fee payable to the Treasurer of Virginia is required.

Currently Licensed Suppliers

Supplier Licensing & Reporting Forms

  • Form 301 - Charitable Gaming Supplier Permit Application (pdf)
  • Form 302 - Annual Supplier/Manufacturer Sales and Transactions Report (pdf and xls) (Instructions)
  • Form 303 - Certification of Non-Permit Holder (pdf)
  • Form 304 - Certification of Non-Charitable Gaming/Gambling (pdf)
  • Supplier/Manufacturer Transaction Reporting Format (xls)

Manufacturers of Electronic Pull-Tab System Licensing

Standards for electronic pull-tab systems are established in Virginia’s Charitable Gaming Regulations. Before any electronic pull-tab system may be distributed or used in Virginia, the manufacturer of the system must receive:

  1. A license issued by the Office of Charitable and Regulatory Programs (OCRP), 
  2. A letter from OCRP approving the certification of the manufacturer’s system by a VDACS-recognized testing laboratory, and
  3. A letter from OCRP approving each electronic pull-tab game’s themes, sounds and music.

A manufacturer seeking authorization to provide electronic pull-tab systems in Virginia may apply for a permit to do so by completing an application. Upon completion, please mail the signed application, all relevant documents, an application fee of $1,000 made payable to the Treasurer of Virginia and a Personal Information Form for each required individual to OCRP.

Currently Licensed Manufacturers

Manufacturer Licensing & Reporting Forms

  • Form 302 - Annual Supplier/Manufacturer Sales and Transaction Report (pdf and xls) (Instructions)
  • Form 305 - Manufacturer of Electronic Pull-Tab System Permit New Application (pdf)
  • Form 305-A - Personal Information Form, New Application (pdf)
  • Form 306 - Manufacturer of Electronic Pull-Tab System Permit Renewal Application (pdf)
  • Form 306-A - Personal Information Form, Renewal Application (pdf)
  • Supplier/Manufacturer Transaction Reporting Format (xls)

Currently Registered Operators

Click here for Office of Charitable and Regulatory Programs contact information.

If you would like to file a complaint concerning charitable gaming activities in Virginia, call the OCRP complaint line at 804.371.0498.

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